A Single Stone


        Smooth. Shiny. Not nearly round, imperfect.

Are we to die now? One by one? Till there is not one left to stand on this side of balance?

        He picked it up, gloved fingers sliding over the surface.

Will you leave us one by one? Leave me? Silently reveling in your own destruction.

        Lips pressed into the stone, the cool chill suffusing with that touch.

Golden Lord. Quietly waiting. Till we call again ...

        Then it arced into the air, smooth and serene it it's glide.

Have you ever wondered? Why I choose to serve? Why now I stand here, without a single word?

        A plummet, faster now, dropping delicately.

A question is dancing. Behind the eye. On the end of a dream. Phantom in night, vanished in day.

        Water splashed, leaping into the air in crystal sparkles as it pierced and sunk.

You never wondered. Never questioned. Never hesitated. Never, yet always, assumed.

        Ripples danced as the sparkles fell and returned.

Now we're dying, one by one. I am dying, quietly deep within.

        More ripples dancing ...

Will you leave me, one by one? Till there is nothing to stand by my side? You are gone, master of the dark. Dreamer.

        One ...


        Two ...


        Three ...


        Interlocking now ...

Lips to fingertips. One last kiss. With love. Blow it away.

        No longer a ripple ...

Hear me speaking? My last word? My last secret to you I'm giving.


It's me, Xellos.


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