Crimson Hunt


Notes: Well, the little poem like sayings came from Jane Yolen's Become A Warrior. I don't know how the rest popped up. o.O


Both the hunted and the hunter pray to God

Running, running, running, was he always running? Yes, from his blood, his birthright, from the bloody, red figure who haunted his dreams and thoughts, spurring on the feet that did the running. But that's all he had left to do, fighting had almost killed him and he was no good dead. Hiding worked for a short time, then back to running. Always the hunted and never the hunter. Could I change that? he thought as he slipped into a dry streambed and hid under the embankment, catching his breath. Running through the options left to him, he sighed, No.

Both hunters smiled as the prey prayed to his gods and then ran onward again, only barely keeping away from those that dogged his steps. Red as rubies, one was scarlet eyed, the other scarlet robed.

Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on

He put aside all distractions after it happened. At the end of the long run the hunter found him, making him a monster. So he burned the hovel he had been hiding in and shook off the things that had made him that creature and centered himself on vengeance. The hunter would become the hunted, no matter what the cost.

A princess once pleaded on his arm, begging for him to relent, both in heart and soul to her advances, to end his own suffering by finding love. He shook her of like he had his former life, ignoring the tears that came from his rejection.

To become a warrior, forget the past

He pushed the memories away as he practiced, hoping to immerse himself in the delicate dance of sword work and the smell of leather and steel. Steel was the way to the vengeance that had been taken from him by her. So he would find her instead, use her to find his answer and redemption, ridding himself of his loathsome form.

A warrior's way was the only way. Only the vengeance and the purpose would burn in him now, nothing would be thought of what was and had been. For the past was a mere distraction to his hunt.

When you are the tree, be a tree

He ignored matters of humans and home, of kingdoms and wars in his quest for her. Tracking her down was the one thing that drove him and the vengeance within. He was consumed by it as if by fire, completely giving in to it, becoming the vengeance, becoming the stalker, the one who follows through darkness, the hunter himself.

Love comes like a thief, stealing the heart's gold away

He held his rival in his arms, never realizing that in hunting he had forgotten who he hunted. The sweet, delightful smile captivated him, the delicate form holding him in it's thrall. She smiled at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and cuddling against him like a great cat, professing her search for him as well as her love.

His heart fluttered, the hope for it's release making him smile at his heart's desire, accepting her like one accepts a knife to the heart, weaving his life threads with hers with a single kiss.

When the cat wants to eat her kittens, she says they look like mice

Squirming in the arms of her lover, she gently caressed his face, reveling in the feel of marble smooth stone and gentle bumps of pebbles. Claiming his mouth as her own, she traced every curve of his sweet lips before plunging inside, as if seeking treasure. He hugged her closer, kissing her back even as his movements stilled. A smile softened his features as she drew back, bending to hear his heart slow to the barest of movements and finally stop, the softest of flutters marking it's end as she withdrew her hand.

She stood then, regretfully leaving the delight of his embrace for the last time. Stretching, she reveled in the feel of soft moonlight across her bare skin as her scarlet hair tumbled over shoulders and down her back, a red whispering robe cloaking her in it's folds. Opening ruby eyes, Lina melted back into the shadows, a predatory smile gracing her rose kissed lips.


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