Zelgadis just sat there, eyes straight ahead, never moving, never seeming to breath, a stone statue that occasionally blinked. The collar that rested around his neck held a chain that trailed to the ring on the wall next to the bed. His only clothing was a white, beaded leather loincloth. Xellos appeared behind him, reaching around to stroke his chest as he pressed his lips to the nape of Zel's neck, his other hand running down Zel's bare arm, caressing. Xellos wore only his pants, staff resting at his side. Zel didn't react. Running his lips lightly around the edge of the collar, Xellos traced his tongue along the curve as he felt the stone skin heat up at his touch.

"Relax Zel, I don't want to force you ... " A purr, soft, enticing.


"You made the deal ... " Coy, mocking, satisfied.

"I was stupid."

"Backing out? Isn't that a breach of honor?" Still mocking, lazy, Xellos pressed his mouth to Zel's shoulder, speaking around stone.

"Go to hell."

"Only if you send me there ... " Seductive, an invitation. Smiling faintly, Xel placed his hand against Zel's chest and pulled Zel to him, the hand slowly sliding down his chest to stop at the edge of the leather loincloth. The chimera's face began to look strained.

"Stop it."

"No." He kissed Zel's cheek, trailing his tongue up the side of his face to stop at the delicate curve of his ear. "I will have you." A soft whisper that tickled, making Zelgadis shiver as Xellos continued to stoke his chest, fingers tracing and teasing. A heat began to burn in him against his will, tightening almost painfully. The Trickster suddenly caught him by the shoulders and turned Zel to face him, lazily gazing into widened eyes, almost smirking as he kissed him hungrily on the mouth, tracing his tongue over the soft curve of Zel's lips. One hand pulled the chimera up against him, stroking his back, the other slid up under the collar and undid the catch, pulling it away. He released Zel, only to catch him close again, this time pressing his lips to Zel's neck, before biting deep, sharp teeth cutting through even Zel's stone skin. To the Mazoku's surprise, Zel moaned in pleasure as his hand reached up to press Xel's head against his neck, fingers tangling in his hair.

"Damn you."

His only answer was another bite and Xel's fingers running down his chest. The heat and taste of Zelgadis, coupled with his unexpected moans of pleasure, were intoxicating as Xellos ran his lips down his neck, pushing him down, trailing his lips over his hard, lean chest, tracing the line down his stomach to his navel, then back up to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. A kiss that lead to another and another as Zel reached out and pulled Xel on top of him, holding him down. Zel suddenly rose to lean on his elbows as Xellos's tongue lightly pushed between his teeth, exploring the inside of his mouth, battling with his tongue. Zel didn't want Xellos to feel so nice on against him, pressing into him, fitting every curve ... but he did. Tentatively, Zel reached out to caress Xel's shoulder, gently stroking his arm and chest as Xel pulled back to look at him in startlement.

"Zel-chan ... ?"

The chimera smiled almost shyly at Xellos's reaction, face tilted up to Xel's, blue eyes glowing softly. Xel looked down at Zel's, puzzled and oddly pleased at his oh-so-rare-smile. He pressed a finger lightly to his slightly pursed lips, caressing the tempting curve, and got a playful nip. Zel reached up to rub Xel's shoulder, purring as he nuzzled his neck.

"Xellos ... "

"Yes?" Husky, pleased. Zel pressed his lips softly to Xel's ear, nipping. His smile darkened into a predator's grin. Zel didn't answer for a few moments, his fingers trailing down to caress one of Xellos's hardened nipples, pressing it in. At Xellos's sigh of pleasure, he moved his lips to Xel's neck, biting down. Xel moaned, his hands trailing down Zel's chest and stomach, teasing him as he continued to nip the Mazoku's neck, lightly tracing the faint lines of his veins with his tongue, eliciting further moans of pleasure.

Zel pushed away from Xellos, smiling coyly, one hand still caressing Xel's chest. Xel grinned darkly and caught Zel's head, tilting it back for a demanding kiss, drawing hungrily on his mouth, sucking softly on his lower lip. Drawing back, Xellos smiled into the finely lashed blue eyes, before tilting his head to claim the chimera's mouth again. A soft sigh of a whisper, husky and dangerous, "Xellos ... the deal's off."

Xellos's head jerked up, shocked as energy spun into Zel's hand and then into his chest, blowing him away.


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