Notes: The lines in this semi-songfic are from the poem Dreaming that I wrote.


Out of darkness comes a light
Living chaos, burning through golden seas
Like a spark

It had been a long day of beating up bandits, knocking sense into Gourry, yelling at Amelia, and chowing down food like no tomorrow. Lina was bushed. So bushed in fact, that as soon as they got to an inn that night she simply crawled into bed and fell asleep. Only one thought percolated up through her sleep fogged mind before she drifted off into dream land. I miss him.

Flying to distant dreams
Faraway, to lands beyond

He hadn't found a cure. Ever since he had separated from Lina and the gang a couple of months ago he had been searching one lead or another. And he still came up with nothing. Would the endless searching never end? Zelgadis brushed his hair back and looked up at the stars for a moment before bedding down for the first time in a week. A single thought came to him as he closed his eyes. I miss her.

Fingers touch across space and time
Doubts vanish away to nothing

"Hello, Lina."

Blazing fire against coolest sea
Eyes meet, flicker of notice

"Hello, Zelgadis."

Before silence again
In the darkness comes no answer

They smiled at each other before their hands clasped, before a hug, before a single kiss. The faded ethereal world of the dream melted into a pastel sunset as they sat down to talk.

Hope swallowed and taken away
Dancers in dreams that meet for moments

Hands held cards, devious glances and grimaces of annoyance peered out from behind winning or losing hands. Lina smiled and flipped the victory sign as she crowed, "Full House!!! Beat that!"

Zel smiled before laying his cards on the table between them, "Two pairs ... of Aces."

And spin away
Forever to see and vanish again

She cuddled up in his lap, pressing her nose into the hollow of his neck.

"I win Lina."

"You always win."

He smiles as he leans in to kiss her on the nose. "Not always."

Their lips meet as he draws her closer into his arms. Twin smiles, soft loving whispers, a gentle touch now and again ...

The dream fades into darkness.

Minds that shall never touch
Hearts that will only brush

Lina opened her eyes lazily, absently twirling a strand of fiery hair around her fingers. It had been such a lovely dream.

Souls forever as one
Yet never to know the other

Zelgadis grinned as he hopped from one rock to another across a river. For once, the nightmares had left him alone. For once ...

A glance of knowledge
A hand reached out to grasp
And the dreamers vanish into darkness


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