Hunter's Moon


Notes: Words in [] is conversation, but it's the translation of a conversation/language that has no spoken words, no telepathic words, nothing. It's a language or 'passing of meaning' by actions, body language, and scent. Which is why the characters usually do something before or after the [] translates it for us.


Waves washed slowly and relentlessly against the cliff face, sweeping up into foamy sprays and sucking away against the cruel spikes of dark rocks, a vortex of murky brine that spun and swished in continual motion as the sun set, the last red tinted rays striking against the waters in bloody beauty as the waves receded and swelled once more. As the sun set, a red washed orb of fire, the moon rose, as if chasing after the crimson light, dipped in it's own form of viscous blood. The last waves faded with the final sinking of the sun and rushed back to crash against the cliff as the moon gained sole possession of the sky, lapping of dark waves on midnight shores rushing with it, an inky spray of foam among all the others.

Lapping of dark waves on midnight shores rose, foamy form coalescing into her true form as she flowed into the Cave of Meeting, chosen not only because of it's proximity to her realm, but also for it's shadows, cold and dark and pleasant, the Hunter's Moon high in the sky. In mere moments, a blur of red sparked darkness leapt into the cavern, traversing thin air with ease as it landed perfectly on the dry ledge that rimmed the cavern, paws dry and tail lashing as it grinned, violet orbs glimmering. Delighted laughter, like dry bones rubbing together, emerged from the shadows of the Trickster Lord's back as the child Opening, elder Lord breath of death slid from his place on blood hunter's back and landed with the scrape of gravestones on the floor, ragged black cloak drawing up regally. The scythe arm released his ride, bladed fingers petting the dark fur as breath of death giggled happily.

She inclined the curving cobra-like hood that stood in place of her head, shadowed depths revealing nothing as liquid hair and foaming waters ran in rivulets over nothing, long disjointed arms and blades of wicked metallic snapping and sliding across each other in a sea spray hiss, [Lord Trickster, Lord Death.]

[Sister Opening, Lady of Ocean Depths,] the greeting was cordial and familiar as blood hunter nodded his pointed head and leapt to a shadowed ledge of his choosing, lounging indolently among the darkness, glowing sparking tail lashing lazily, and breath of death nodded his great ungainly doll's head, rictus painted slash of a mouth grinning insanely, as he too withdrew to shadows to wait.

The red tinted darkness swirled around then in contented silence with the dark waves, rushing and thrashing rhythmically like a non-existent heartbeat long forgotten. It was a soothing interlude, as Before in it's own way, similar and comforting. Blood hunter lay his great head upon his paws, light dimming delicately as ice and fire clashed in muted fury across the cavern, simultaneously freezing and evaporating the briny sea water as the red serpent of fire and the icy touch of glittering claws rushed into existence within the pitted walls. [Welcome, brother Openings.]

Icy shards cracked and shattered into glittering falling snow, a spark glimmering just behind sight, like a will'o'wisp as it danced wildly behind the white, [Water, Death, Walker.]

[Ever the polite one.] Violet eyes glimmered in return, fangs drawing forth in a sharp, friendly smile.

Fire clashed sharply, banking back into a subdued inferno as red hair flared and settled like a curtain, serpent coils thrashings uneasily in the cold waters till they warmed, [Must it be this liquid cold?]

[My choosing] water surged and foamed before banking away from the heated Lord. Red serpent of fire settled heavily, red coiling limbs snaking into every rock as he made himself easy, lying on the edge of the icy snowstorm of the northern Lord.

Dry laughter rang through the stillness as the shadows shifted crazily, [Enough petty babbling! Return to the meeting!] Derision assailed silently across the air, as each expressed their flippant denial of breath of death's request. At the end of the show of strength, there was silence, the only sound the echo of waves and the lapping of water as it flowed and swirled at the mercy of the tides. Satisfaction breathed through the air, heavy with smug power, [Yes. Lords?]

[Zelas] Flames surged as eyes glowed in the inferno.

[Of no consequence, brother dear, I have her tightly in my fist.] Blood Hunter's tail flipped about smugly in response, eyes mirthful as the death Lord's bladed fingers clacked in the dark, [Do you now?]

[If I speak it, it is true,] cold purple met the smooth curve of a doll's head, through shadows and sudden cold, rivalry building as a fire does with fuel, banking and flaring as the two, undisputed in their powers and gifts seemed to circle, shifting from shadow to shadow in silent query, testing and sparring, striking and returning. Jewel eyes closed, [It is truth. No secrets am I plying. Wolf-bitch that she is within my palm, firmly in my grasp, bound to my hunt.]

[I see.] rictus smile never wavered, the aura flattening in silent oddness, not disapproval, not in hate, yet not in promise or praise, simply in silence as the death lord withdrew himself from the match without notice.

The snowstorm flickered, ice shards clacking as claws, will'o'wisp dancing, [This new general]

Once more, eyes that glowed in the inferno seemed to surge with flames, [My general. My new petling, little Elder one.] Wings and coils withdrew, drawing back as a curtain, hair floating and flowing as the darkling general was revealed, curled as one young and weak, small beside the great red serpent of fire, golden eyes closed as it lay still, breathing and content in it's sleep.

[Bauble!] sparked tail lashed in silent snarl, gem eyes glittering with nameless hunger, blood hunter leapt from his place in ledged darkness, paws landing upon nothing as he circled red serpent of fire, sparking, glimmering with blatant challenge, [Mine!]

Bones rubbed together, clacking quietly as they stood in mutual stand-off, [Yours?!]

The dark head tossed, ears held proud and high, powerful body raising up to tower above the coiled form of the fire lord. One violet eye moved from his prey, turning to meet the quiet challenger who now stood in deepest shadow, [Mine! Mine to hunt and stalk and prey! Mine is first blood!]

[Yours no more. Mine by willing form. Mine by power and blood.] coils lashed as the young Elder was hidden once more, emerald locks swirling in the fiery storms of the Lord's heated response.

[Yours to die!] fangs bared, power and aura dancing in cold waiting, hunger drawing in promised pain, in promised blood to be shed. The ice storm lashed and struck, an explosion of crystals lashing up into wall, forcing the hunter Lord back as it crystallized, icy bonds holding the trickster at bay from his prey, a futile gesture of peace.

[Listen to reason, Trickster. The Hunt is in the progress, no need for old fights to cloud your mind] blood hunter lashed out, bursting from icy bonds as he stuck at the breath of death, claws ripping through black cloth as he spoke, shadow fight no longer friendly spar but full for blood and pain of the elder Lord

Waves crashed, merging with ice and bonds, liquid power smashing wildly at the walls, [ENOUGH!] Bones and sparks stilled, ice and dull fires ebbed. [We are one] the Trickster released his brother, claws unsheathing from ragged, decaying cloak, slinking quietly back into his shadows, eyes simmering as he quieted, never quite at peace with his denial, but silent in his fury, ready to listen as instinct was stilled in sight of mind. Breath of death rose, rictus grin never wavering as he vanished once more into the silent shifting darkness of his nature. The icy wall withdrew, shards melting and reforming in the snowstorm, [The Hunt.]

Silent affirmation, [The Hunt]

Waves crashed and hissed, [Ruby God in silent sleeping]

Fires raged and sung, [Blue Eye lies quiet dreaming]

Ice cracked and glazed, [Purpose soon in keeping]

Paws struck and held, [Promise broke and keening]

Unholy chorus raised in the voice of one, [Blood and tears soon to weeping]

Singing and spiraling in screams of predator in the climax of hunt, [In the feast we will be reaping]

A scream that climaxed and shattered, ending in a single silent note, [Amen]

And the lords faded into the red drenched night.


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