Have You Come For Me?


Notes: Inspired by SephirothZero's Idle Heart.


It stood silently watching, a cool breeze whipping the ebon folds of it's cloak. Figures moved in the distance, too far to see by the human eye, but visible to it. Was that it's next victim?

It lifted a pale hand, gazing with ebon stoned eyes at the delicate fingers. It knew that short, indigo hair ruffled in the cool wind, the escaping strands whipping about it's face. The eyes canted, the face feminine and pale. Yes, that was the next victim.

With not even a movement, it appeared in the copse of trees beside the group, not even denting the grass with it's weight. The breeze continued to blow, sending the midnight robes into a flurry as it lifted it's scythe. The silver, crescent blade shimmered in the sun, flashing in the darkness that shrouded the wielder. A spark flickered in the onyx gem eyes.

The victim lifted his head, as if feeling something cold on a warm day, like the dancing of feet on his future grave. The youth, for that was what he was, turned to look into the shadows only he could see. He gazed upon the silent figure that stood there, blue eyes filled with a turmoil of emotions, yet calm even now. The victim nodded.

The scythe swung down.


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