Fingers slid slowly up the smooth glass, trying to grip the surface as it caressed. He pressed his cheek to the silvered reflection, the cool like a balm on his flaming face. It was hot all over, as if he was on fire, slowly bursting into flames. A tightness was gripping his skin, making the stone seem too small ... too small ...

It's so hot
                Burning, burning,
                                An inferno beneath the skin

Violet ending                                                                                                 Flash fire; pyre persona

                                                Like the sun
                                                                Like hell
                                                                                Blazing into eternity

A moaning croon ripped from his throat as he rubbed his cheek along the glass, scratching the surface. His fingers continued their sliding, up, up, till he gripped the frame tight enough to shatter.

It's so final
                End it now
                                Can't seem to think

Amethyst destruction                                                                                                 Flash desire; sweet deceiver

                                                The roaring in the brain
                                                                Behind the skull
                                                                                Dancing and dying

The glass warped before his eyes, the clear surface that reflected his flushed face, the eyes lidded and murky, lips parted and waiting, ears flattened to the skull ... became clouded and unclear, images dancing deep inside.

It's so silent
                The quiet is disturbing
                                Reverberating in the mind

Secrets in darkness                                                                                                 Flash finale; violent dreamer

                                                Till no longer ignored
                                                                Till it's a scream to end
                                                                                Stealthy and hateful

Lips pressed to cold silent glass, meeting the pale reflections that pranced behind the mirror, meeting the lips seen deep inside the mind, taunting with a temptation unseeing and yearning unmet. Tongue pressed to tongue in a cold embrace.

It's so insane
                This heat that's burning
                                This mind that's turning

Pain in progress                                                                                                 Flash agony; mirror torment

                                                This end that's coming
                                                                This silence that's something
                                                                                This ... this ... this ... madness


"Zel? You okay? We heard something break ... "
        It was just
"Don't worry, Lina-chan, it was the mirror, he's fine ... "
        my mind ...


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