Notes: This is a spam fic inspired by Ruaki's Tenshi to Akuma and is in Xel's POV, which means it's DARK, and it's YAOI. Nothing graphic, not even a kiss, but Xel does mention his desire for Valgarv. You have been warned.


This village is nice. The burning sun warming my body as I bask in it. My kind usually do not like the midday sun, but I revel in it's warmth. Moonlight and sunshine are the same to me. Mark of power. My staff pulses softly in sync with my heart as the sun warms it slightly. I move my gaze from the blazing orb and sweep it across the village absently. This is the place where Garv's emissary is supposed to meet an informative contact. I smile faintly. The contact is dead now, I am taking his place. This will be a nice way to spend some time. Killing Garv's own painfully and slowly will be informative. And enjoyable. Very enjoyable. Most likely, the emissary will not come during the day. He will be more comfortable at night. Night. I like working at night. Moonlight can be beautiful on blood. I return my gaze to the sun. I can wait. However long it takes, I can wait. The sun moves easily through it course, following its ageless track. Day turns to night and the moon takes the place of the sun. The air cools and a breeze picks up. I have not sky watched before, it was interesting. I return my attention to the village. My staff suddenly blazes beneath my fingers in reaction to a presence. Fierce golden slit orbs meet my own closed ones. So you are the one. I smile at his fierce gaze. Human? No, not human. The horn is testament to that. Mazoku. Mazoku and something else ... He scrutinizes me as I return the action, though he does not know it. Blue green hair, well built, though suprisingly slender, almost otherworldly in his grace. Beautiful. Garv chose him well. His aura though ... something about it is odd ...

The breeze shifts and blows his scent towards me. Hauntingly familiar, though curious. Anger floods his form as he prepares to demand the information he believes I possess.

"So, you are Maryuu-oh's new recruit," I say as I press my finger lightly to his lips to prevent him from giving himself away. Play the game, Valgarv. Everything becomes clear as my staff hums darkly under my fingers. Old blood. Ancient. Dragon blood. I understand now. You are the last. Where ever did you find him Garv? And how can you let this delectable prize fall into my hands? Beautiful, luscious prize. Do you know you are breathtaking?

My touch infuriates him and he yanks away from me. I have an affinity for dragons. I smile wider as I open an eye to match looks with him.

"I am Xellos."

You are all alone. I see something in his eyes behind the anger. Aching loneliness, a desperate desire to please. It that why you accept me now, without bothering to check? I can ease the loneliness. Will you let me, lovely one? I can make all the pain go away, far away. But where is the pleasure in that? Beautiful prize, you will be sweet. I destroy what I desire, but I will not destroy you. No, not you. You are special Valgarv. You are a dragon. Let me take the pain away.


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