Torn Apart, Inside and Out



The human in me respects her fire, worships her smile, adores her heart.
The demon slavers and desires her, body and blood.
The golem feels nothing, she is but a tool, useful and strong.


The human feels fondness for your heart, respect for the sword, exasperation for your stupidity.
The demon despises your closeness and longs for your end.
The golem sees strength and uses it at will, plans and manipulation.


The human feels for you, sister, youngling that requires protection, innocence that should never shatter.
The demon will destroy you, take it as pay, use you, take you, and throw you away.
The golem just watches and wonders at you, logic confounded by Justice.


The human in me hates you, desires your death, will destroy if I could, if only I could.
The demon just smiles, and plots your submission, to it you will bow and slake it's desires.
The golem despises the disunity between us and plans to remove you.

To set them free, I'd destroy us all.
But to hold them captive ... is to suffer alone.
I am alone, and never truly alone.

I can not be the human, though my heart weeps for it and my soul longs for release. Humanity hates me, my own heart in torment.

I can not be the demon, though my hatred and pain will find peace. To become the demon is to lose it all, soul and spirit torn to shreds, heart shattered and broken, mind taken away.

So I will be the golem, coolly logical, eternally calm, driven to our cure and redemption. Even if no one will love me like this, this is what I'll be ...

After all, it is much, much better than the pain ...

Mine and yours.


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