To Choose


I give you a choice
A simple choice
Who will you serve?
Angels of God, Servants of Light
Justice in darkness that beats back the night?

You have been given a choice.

Impassive onyx depths, glittering with a thousand rainbows, eternal and cold, empty and powerful, fate held in marble hands of ivory shine.

A choice that's so simple,
It's almost obscene,
Yet lost in the promise
Untold or foreseen

It is a simple choice.

They waited. Now was the single moment of truth for all their searching.

I offer you this choice. Enter when you choose. And choose you well your master.

To the sorceress, that sounded wrong. Master? To gain one's desire one must choose a master? Too late to change their path, too late to turn back. Only forward. Whatever their fate.

The searching now ended
The price now paid
The plan now in waiting
Hope now the blade.

Choose, Gourry of Gabriev, eternal life and love or service to your fear.

A choice so simple, even he made it, "Love."

        Yet love is a trap
        Forbidden in life
        For death is the purchase
        And pain is the price
        To fear is to live
        To hate is to care
        For light is nothing
        Without darkness so fair

Choose, Amelia of Saillune, justice for all man or hatred among all men.

A simple choice indeed, "Justice."

        Yet the blade is justice
        Which waits in the night
        Who stalks with the tongue
        And drinks in the light
        A lie without guilt
        A sin without stain
        For hate is a truth
        Yet no man will proclaim

In the snares that entrap
Without moment's delay
A wording of moment
Will for an eternity pay

Choose, Zelgadis of Greywers of Akahoushi Rezo, a cure or a your soul.

So simple to answer, to follow Gourry and Amelia through the door, "My cure."

        Cure without working
        A blessing without heart
        So desire your worth
        Yet not give in part
        Your soul is the freedom
        In words true and plain
        Your heart is the lightning
        That beats back the pain

Choose, Lina of Inverse of Luna, your heart's desire or eternal death.

"My desire."

        Desire is wanting
        Hope without nature
        Reply without promise
        No purpose but pleasure
        Yet death gives the answer
        The breaking of light
        Through the clouds of the smoke
        That hide fast the right

Elder gods that stand in the night
Guardians of gateways that speak of the bright
Who promise the heart
In a moment of truth
Without tender or payment
Without purpose of proof

Step through

Silence descended upon the cave as onyx eyes slid shut and a smug, triumphant smile graced cold stone lips. In a world of the Elder Gods own making, lay for souls, trapped for an eternity by their own choice, simply because they did not realize that there had been no choice ... never a one ...

I gave you a choice.

Yet offer the promise
In gilt and of gold
Hiding the secret
That sleeps in the mold
So small and so simple
so sweet and serene
Yet lying in wait
Like hunger so lean

I gave you a choice.


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