The Game


Xellos. The deal was presented cheerfully enough, a simple bargain, a simple hungry price ... and a darkly veiled threat. He listened to it with half an ear, heard it echo within him and vanish into the emptiness. Gourry didn't get it, his face the usual vague blankness. Amelia was too young to understand it's nature. Lina too innocent to comprehend the price. He understood. Completely.

Zelgadis tilted his head back and smirked at the Trickster. "Neh, Xellos, feeling a little ... tense?" The shattered and broken child was forgotten, had been forgotten long ago.

"The nights are cold, Chimera ..." the smirk was returned, dark smile twisting into mirth as he realized the chimera knew. The child that had wept into the darkness, had hugged himself to forget about the hands that explored and the buyers that whispered from the shadows.

"And you're looking for a little something to warm your bed." So simple this offer, like so many before. That child was gone and forgotten. The betrayal had sealed his fate, destroyed his hope. Now there was nothing. Just the emptiness. Just the Game.

"Neh, then let's forget about robbing cradles, kisama. Pick someone with a little experience." Zelgadis stepped forward, spreading his arms, conveniently separating Lina from the Mazoku, guarding her. "Someone with a little expertise."

Xellos tilted his head slightly, eyes hidden under the shadows of his hair. Both their eyes were hidden in shadows, hiding whatever emotions shone behind the amethyst and azure orbs. The smile was slight, almost nothing, but it was smug. "Very well."

A Pawn has one purpose. Even one that had been broken, one that had been mended because of it's possible use. Strength was everything and he was strong. A Pawn in a greater Game. He had learned that long, long ago. He didn't matter, he was nothing. The purpose was everything. Even though he was simply a Pawn. But even a Pawn has it's uses. And Pawns must be sacrificed. The Bishop was dead. The next move was in play. The Pawn confronts the Queen to save the Knight. For the Knight will kill the King.

Zelgadis stepped into Xellos's waiting arms.


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