Take Your Chances


Gotta run for the gold and aim up high
Or, damn it, you'll miss, and then you'll die
Ignore the smiles, ignore the whiles
One chance to run, one chance to fight
One last chance to make it right

Can't trust the grin
Can't trust the dancer with the copper skin
Can't trust anyone in this business
You're friends little, your enemies less
'Cause one slip and you're gone
One last dance and you're done

You dance with the devil, and the devil will smile
Your days are numbered, your hope he'll beguile
'Cause always remember, you're racing the day
There's no time to linger, no time to play
And here's a thought, should you ever forget
One wrong move, and your soul is forfeit

You're playing to win and you better not lose
The cards have been dealt and its your turn to choose
Never trust the innocent grin
Never gamble with the smiling sin
The dice are rolling, the die has been cast
One wrong choice and it'll be your last

Knowledge is power and they have it all
You're running on luck, so you better not fall
This is a trial, so do it with style
Pick your weapon, pick a knife
One chance to throw before you lose your life

You have all to lose and nothing to gain
You must move forward in this dangerous game
You've walked the line, and you've done fine
Now one last challenge yet to time
One last trick, catch your breath
One called bluff, and this ends in death

Keep the hands where you can see 'em
Can't trust no one and nothin'
Don't give, just take ...
Think fast, that's the break ...
'Cause one mistake and you die
One error, Bye-bye

Play the stakes and play them high
The better the play the better the lie
You're racing the time on this fast moving track
You can't ever think, can only react
That's the game my friend
Mess up and it's the end

Cause if you have one last spell yet to try
Make it quick, 'cause tomorrow you die
Your chances are slipping, Your hope has run dry
And there's one last thing you need to know ...
One mistake and it's to hell you go!


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