Yuuta sniffled, staring at the gash of pebbles and gathering blood that had sprung into existence on his elbow. Another wobbling sniffle brought the prickling of tears and he rubbed his eyes furiously with his fist. He was not going to cry! Not in front of Koujirou!

He looked away when Koujirou shuffled forward uncertainly on sneakered feet, kicking his foot at the pavement, "Hey, you okay?"

"I'm fine!" he insisted immediately. Fuji Yuuta wasn't a wimp. He could handle a little fall, even if it had been Koujirou's idea ...

"Lemme see," Koujirou offered hopefully, crouching beside his friend and tugging on the injured arm.

Yuuta tried to jerk away, but Koujirou had a grip now and there was no escape, "NO!"

A grubby hand brushed the pebbles off and Yuuta blinked as Koujirou bent and gently kissed the gash, "There. S'all better."

He blinked again and looked at his wound suspiciously for a moment, "How do ya know?"

"Magic," came the prompt reply.

Yuuta smiled.


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