Part Three


The shed door banged shut, which should have been the end to the interruption in Jin's quiet smoke. This time, though, it was followed by a cry of pain as the door bounced off a finger.

Jin frowned and looked up to see Sengoku wildly shaking his finger, eyes squinched shut as he kicked the door closed with a foot. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow."

Scowling, Jin stood and tossed his cigarette to the ground, grinding it out with the heel of his shoe. Reaching over to the other boy, he grabbed him by the wrist of his injured hand and jerked Sengoku to him.

"Che. Where's your lucky now?" Jin asked gruffly as he twisted the hand in his grip, lifting it to press his lips against the swelling finger, gentle despite the rough position as he traced heated skin and mouthed hidden joints. His tongue slipped across the callused pad, leaving a damp trail which he blew upon as he lowered the hand, cooling the burn.

"I'm lucky that someone's here to kiss it better," Sengoku responded blithely, smiling that bright glitter of a smile that Jin especially hated. The one that made his stomach twist ... in disgust. Disgust!

Jin glowered at him, already regretting the attention he'd given Sengoku's hurt as he squeezed the wrist tightly, as if to jerk the smaller boy around and perhaps slam him into the wall of the shed. He opened his mouth to snap back at the smiling idiot when another voice rang out.

"Oi, Sengoku! You ever going to be done over there?"

In one moment to the next, Sengoku was gone, slipping out of Jin's grip like water through a net, tossing a parting smile over his shoulder as he darted off.

"Hah, quicker than you could be ... Jimmies," Sengoku said with a laugh as the duo waiting for him mock growled and lunged, "We're not Jimmies!"

Jin's fist clenched empty air. He didn't like the way they talked to Sengoku.

"Off taunting the dragon, Lucky?" Spiky haired Minami asked with a grin, getting Sengoku in a headlock as Higashikata rubbed his knuckles over orange locks in a noogie.

Actually, Jin didn't much like the way they touched Sengoku either.

They pressed the smaller boy between them, knocking hips against hips in a casual display of affection, only releasing him after he cheerfully cried for mercy.

Didn't like it at all.


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