The Morning After


It was an unholy hour of the morning when the door banged open and a megaphone enhanced voice rang through the room, "GOOD MORNING, CABIN 7B! THIS IS YOUR DAILY SHOCKED WAKE-UP SCREAM! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Atobe fell out of bed with a curse. Sanada just rolled over and threw a pillow at Sengoku, "Who gave you that thing?" he grumbled, following the pillow with the alarm clock.

"I STOLE IT," Sengoku chirped brightly, ducking both missiles.

"In that case, someone should be after you shortly."

Sengoku looked over his shoulder, where a counselor was indeed approaching him with murderous intent, "HUH, YOU'RE RIGHT. IN THAT CASE, I'LL SEE YOU AT BREAKFAST! TATA!"

With that, Sengoku was gone, bounding away across the lawn as the counselor took off after him, yelling imprecations. Sanada looked over the edge of the bed at Atobe, "You okay?"

"I will be after I suffocate him in his sleep," Atobe replied, glowering darkly as he climbed back into bed.

Sanada just shook his head, running his fingers absently through his hair before he laid back in an attempt to catch more z's. Sengoku sure seemed ... energized today.


Sengoku plunked his tray down across from Sanada, dropping onto the cafeteria bench with a bright smile.

"What happened to your megaphone?" he asked, perfectly neutral.

"Planted it on someone," Sengoku replied, pouring a liberal amount of syrup onto the corrugated cardboard passing itself off as a waffle, "Get lucky last night?"

Sanada affixed the smaller with a sharp eye, "I told you we were never to speak of it."

"Never speak of what again? I was talking about the game of poker you were playing with Atobe before I left," Sengoku smirked at Sanada's eyetwitch, "What were you talking about, Sanada?"

"Nevermind. What did you end up doing last night?" Sanada asked.

"Wandered around ... found some frogs ... stole the megaphone from the counselor's office ... fucked Yanagi," Sengoku replied merrily, enthusiastically stabbing a fork into his quasi-waffle.

For a moment Sanada's world froze and wobbled on it's axis as he stared at his orange-haired compatriot. Sengoku grinned the too-innocent grin of his, waving the quasi-waffle around on his fork, waiting for Sanada's reaction.

Relieved to see the sure sign of Sengoku lying through his teeth, he fixed the boy with a dark glower, "Very funny, Sengoku. What were you really doing?"

"Oh, alright, alright," He leaned over and dug a piece of paper from his bag, "I was fucking Izumi," Grinning inanely, he bounced out of his seat to smack Izumi on the back as the spiky haired boy passed, attaching the ‘kick me' sign, "Isn't that right?"

"You wish you were that lucky," Izumi retorted, glaring at Sengoku over his shoulder as he reached back to jerk the sign off.

Sengoku flopped backwards over the table, clutching his heart, "Oh, you wound me! Wasn't our love true?"

Izumi snorted and overturned his orange juice on Sengoku's head. Sanada sighed as another food fight promptly erupted across the cafeteria with even this bare instigation. Really, it was becoming some sort of habit.


"Good morning, Sanada," Yanagi said as Sanada approached and leaned back against the fence beside him.

Sanada answered the greeting automatically, "Good morning."

"How was your evening?"

Sanada gave Yanagi a suspicious look, "Just fine. Why do you ask?"

"The megaphone implied that something interesting had occurred last night."

Sengoku and his fucking megaphone and fucking early morning wake-ups. Sanada gave Yanagi the same sharp look that he had given Sengoku at breakfast, "Sorry to disappoint, but nothing of interest happened last night."

Yanagi just replied to that with a truly enigmatic smile, to which Sanada gave him an even more suspicious look. The day was becoming somewhat surreal. First Sengoku was bouncing around like a top wound too tight and now Yanagi was smirking at him while looking exceptionally ... relaxed. Something was afoot.

Sanada slouched against the fence, feeling suddenly vengeful. Since everyone was so interested in his night, he would be happy to return the interest ... with the worst implications he could think of, "How was your evening, Yanagi? I hear you were being fucked by Sengoku."

Yanagi tilted his head a bit to look across the courts at Sengoku, who was making elaborate faces at them from across the hard-top.

"Don't be silly, Sanada," Yanagi murmured as Sengoku responded to the unspoken acknowledgment of his presence and hurtled over to join them. Sanada grinned to himself at his clear victory before Yanagi continued as if he had never paused, "I was fucking him. Isn't that right, Kiyosumi?"

Sanada's world wobbled dangerously as Sengoku tilted his head up and grinned insufferably at Yanagi, "Details, details, Renji."

"Details are important," Yanagi murmured back before leaning over and slanting his mouth over Sengoku's in a kiss. At that Sanada's world promptly fell off it's axis and plunged into the sun.


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