Wedding Bells


"So I hear we're getting married," Sengoku commented, tossing the ball into the air and chasing it skyward before the solid strike of a racquet sent it hurtling across the net.

Sanada snorted and shifted to the side to send Kouhou back to it's owner, "You wouldn't have heard it at all if you hadn't decided to table-dance during lunch."

"You're the one who told me I couldn't hit Izumi with the twine that was passing itself off as a string bean. What did you expect me to do instead?"

"Table dancing wasn't on my list of possibilities."

"Well, it is now."

"And you wonder how rumors get started," Sanada rolled his eyes, finding an opening in Sengoku's defense and sending the ball right into it.

Sengoku looked over his shoulder as the ball bounced up against the fence before he turned and presented Sanada with a mini-dance, shaking his racquet like a castanet, "Oh, I know exactly how they get started. If you do a little dance~ and strike a little pose~ and put some pajamas on a great big flag pole~ that's the way that rumors get started." The silvery sound of bells jingled along with his every motion.

Sanada rolled his eyes again. It happened to be the best response to the vast majority of Sengoku's antics, "All I want to know is how you're getting that racquet to jingle like that."

"I wouldn't know of what you speak. Must be hearing things in your old age," Sengoku stopped moving and plastered a look of complete innocence on his face. Which means he's definitely guilty, Sanada thought to himself.

Sengoku went to fetch the ball and set himself up to serve again. The jingling followed him the entire way. It was odd how Sanada hadn't noticed the sound before. Guess I was too focused on the game ...

The ball was back in play before Sengoku spoke again, "Neh, just so you know, I'll wear white, but I won't wear a dress."

"Wha -- " Sanada was thrown off long enough to nearly let the ball slip through his guard. Nearly. "Oh. Well if you're going to destroy my fantasies like that, I expect compensation."

"Compensation?" Sengoku smiled in amusement as Sanada returned his verbal fire as well as the ball. It was always a satisfying experience to play someone who could challenge him on all levels.

"I get to wear the cap."

"Argh. Now your tackifying my dream. Cap-san's staying at home."

"What did I tell you about insulting the cap?"

"I don't need to be insulting, it's very existence is an insult to itself."

"I'm putting my foot down on the cap."

"Don't make me bust out with the frog ring bearer."

Sanada just smirked at him as the final ball slipped through Sengoku's defense and bounced in a very self-satisfied way into the grass, "I win."

"As long as I get my frogs, you can win all you like, honey muffin," Sengoku retorted, walking off the court to the sound of singing bells.

"I can handle frogs in exchange for the cap, sweetie," he replied, joining the smaller boy by the bench, shoving his racquet in his tennis bag. "Just what are you wearing?"

"Wouldn't you like to know~!" Sengoku grinned up at him, before punching his friend playfully in the arm, "I'm so going to kick your ass next time, by the way."

Sanada smirked, reciprocating the friendly punch by lifting a hand to run it over Sengoku's head, rubbing the wild orange hair the wrong way, "Sure you will," before stroking it flat again, fingers catching on the high collar of his jacket.

He paused as a finger brushed against velvet and frowned. Tugging the back of the collar down despite Sengoku's protest at the sudden motion, he blinked at the black velvet band that wrapped itself around the other boy's neck. Curious, he traced it with a finger, running the tip across the fabric until he reached the front, where it pinged against a round, silver bell. Sanada felt an unexpected tightening in his stomach as Sengoku tilted his head back to smile at him in amusement, making the bell bob. "Sengoku ... why are you wearing a ... "

"Collar?" Sengoku's lips tilted, making the smile a knowing one, "My mom seems to think I should wear something to warn people I'm coming. I promised I'd wear it at least once."

"I suppose you are a cat among pigeons," Sanada answered absently as he slid his thumb under the band to press it into the hollow of Sengoku's throat.

The collared boy's voice was a purr when he spoke, "Neh, you should stop, moonpie. Isn't this how rumors get started?"

"No, this is how rumors get started, darling," Sanada smirked as he leaned forward to kiss him.


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