Chapter 2: Is This a Dream?

Okay, so I've gotten dressed and fixed my cats something to eat. I've suddenly acquired a massive migraine, and it's basically killing me. "Damn! What is with these dreams? I can't keep going to work with a migraine right after I just-so-happen to wake up from that dream. Hedigger is already pissed off at me for the last four days. And God, I do not need to hear his mouth. I might just kirk off and kill him. What do you think about that, Memory?"

She looks up at me from her food bowl, licking her chaps, as if to say: "I'll eat him if you want me to; I mean, he can't be that bad." I can't allow you to do that, Memory. If you only knew. "Well, Memory, I can't let you do that. If they find out that I'm using you to try and get rid of Shin-Ra executives, they're gonna try and take you away from me. Even though we all know that they're too dumb to -- " KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!

Someone is obviously a very impatient person. I walk into the living room and just stand there in the middle of the room. If I move any closer, I'm probably gonna die of a migraine from the knocking. "Memory?" I look down and -- boom -- there she is. She's so faithful and loyal. I love her to pieces. So, I bend down and ask her: "Can you go open the door for me, please?"

She puts her paw on my face and then turns around to the door. She stalks herself over to the door and turns the knob. It's amazing what you can teach a Bengal tiger to do. ...Oh yeah, about that. See, when I said cats, I meant big cats. And when I said that they meowed, it was more like a roar... but if you drown out the roar, you can hear a meow. Even though big cats can't purr, these two seemed to have acquired those glands. Damn Hojo; just can't leave nothin' alone, can you?

When she opened the door, Reno had been leaning on it and stumbled backwards into my house. Ya know, now that I think about it, my migraine's gone. I wonder what happened to it. "Uh, hello Reno. Why are you here?"

"I came to pick you up." Why do that, Reno? I have my own car and would rather not be in the same car so close to you, seeing as I have a very big infatuation with you. If you only knew...

I look at him and realize that he has a devilish smirk plastered on his face. It's more like his Seductive smirk. Yeah, a different smirk for every occasion. "What?" I practically snarl.

Memory's looking at me as if she trying to say: "That's not fair. I don't even know how to snarl and it sounds like you've got it down. I'm a cat; I should be able to snarl!" Hehe, don't worry. When the time comes, you'll know how to snarl.

His smirk is now a half-assed grin. "How long have you had this...infatuation with me?" My cheeks are burning now. I sure hope they don't fall off.

"What?" I can't feel my cheeks... What does he want from me? I don't have anything. LEAVE ME BE!! Of course, I wouldn't like it if he left me alone. He walks up to me, and instinctually I back up. I'm up against the wall now, as he closes the distance between us.

He leans into me, close enough so that I can hear him whisper. "You may not have realized it at the time, but you were thinking out loud." I think one of my cheeks is loosing grip from the bone. Somebody call a doctor... He snakes his right arm around my waist and cups my face with his left. My heart feels like it's about to break out of my chest and take everything that's attached along for the ride. This better not be a fucking dream.

For some odd reason, I can't seem to get my words out correctly. They're coming out as short sighs. "Reno," I whisper as he runs his thumb over my bottom lip. Don't drool. Don't drool. I look into his eyes. They look so... sincere... like my dream. Oh God please let this not be a dream. "Reno," I whisper, "we have to go to -- " He cuts me off before I can finish by placing his lips over mine. Now I know... that this isn't a dream -- it's reality.

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