Chapter 5: Reno's Confrontation


This chapter is Reno's POV.

It's been a year since Kyttí passed out in my cousin's restaurant. And a year since Tseng threatened me. We've gone out a lot since then: Kytti and I. She hasn't passed out either. She was in the hospital for one more day after she went in. They said that her migraine had come from dreams that she'd been having about me and that her mind was trying to fight it but her body just gave in. But, unfortunately, I had no clue as to what the doctors meant. We were at work when I passed Laura Tommé in the hallway. "Hey, L, where's Kat?"

"She's in her office. Oh, and by the way, the Pres. wants you to see him in his office, pronto."

"Kay." I went to his office to see him as he asked. It's a hell of a long way just to get to his office. Why the hell does he need 70 fucking floors anyway? Just to torture us when he calls us up to him.

"Yes sir, you called?"

"Yes. How is Ms. Grant?"

"Um.... She's fine, sir."

"You know, you haven't been... performing to the best of your abilities ever since you've started getting involved with Ms. Grant."

"Excuse me? What are you trying to say?" I snarled.

"You are to stop seeing her."

"What? Last time I checked you weren't my father. What makes you think you have a say in my personal life, SIR?"

He grinned. "If you don't stop seeing her, I will kill her. You don't want that now do you?"

That son-of-a-bitch. That's his problem: he has too much power. His day will come, though. I'm sure of that. If I have to make sure of that, I will. I sighed. "Yes, sir."

"Oh, and if you tell her that I wanted you to break up with her, she'll die."

"Yes, SIR," I growled out. I left and slammed the door behind me. She is not gonna like this. She's gonna hate me.


Sorry this chapter was so short, but I didn't feel like writing a lot since I already had chapter 6 and 7 done.

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