1: The Turning to Obsession

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Turns into Obsession

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Once more Rufus Shinra hit the floor with a loud thump as his legs were kicked away from under him. He groaned and gave his opponent a furious glare, but the other man merely smirked. Rufus was quickly up on his feet again.

"Focus," Tseng said as he circled around him, awaiting another attack. His long hair was pulled back into a pony-tail to keep it from getting in the way during practice. Tseng knew all too well that the vice-president didn't hesitate to use girl's tricks such as pulling the hair and clawing at his rival if he was desperate enough. "Focus, Rufus," he repeated, "try to foresee my next move or counter-attack before you charge at me."

That's damn easy for you to say Tseng, Rufus thought. The fact that the Turk wore nothing but a pair of dark blue pants pretty much kept Rufus's focus on the bare chest. He lunged at the raven haired man but was promptly wrestled down to the mat again.

"That's it for today. You're obviously not going to do your best so there's no point," Tseng sneered.

Rufus scowled at him but kept his mouth shut even though he felt like cursing at the man. He knew damn well that he was good at hand-to-hand combat. And he knew Tseng knew it too. He was just as good as any of the other Turks; he could easily take on Reno as long as there weren't any weapons involved. Otherwise he usually gave the red-head a hard time, hell, sometimes even more than a hard time; he could beat the crap out of him. Rude was a different issue altogher though. The man's big size was his advantage whereas Rufus and Reno's was speed. Rufus had never managed to beat Rude, the man was a wall of bricks; you could punch and kick all you wanted but he stood where he stood. All you could do was run from him and hope he didn't get a good grip on you, Rude's grip was like an Anaconda's, you just didn't escape it. But Rufus knew he gave Rude a hard time too in hand-to-hand anyway, the blond had a good fighting technique and that didn't make him an easy catch.

But however good his technique was and no matter how fast he was, he could never get to Tseng. But what pissed Rufus off even more was what an easy match he was for Tseng, it was as if he didn't even have to make an effort to get Rufus down on his back. Like he was stripped of all his power and control once he was up against the Turk's leader. Rufus hated that feeling.

Tseng let his dark hair out of the pony-tail and it fell elegantly down over his shoulders. He lifted a hand and pushed it out of his face so all of it fell down his back instead. There was a small table in the corner of the gymnasium , Tseng walked over to it and picked up two bottles of cold water.

Rufus watched all of this appreciatively; Tseng's slow, always graceful gestures, the way the muscles moved beneath the pale brown skin, the way the sweat gleamed on his naked torso in the flourescent light. He wanted Tseng, Rufus was willing to admit that, atleast to himself, but Tseng knew it too. Rufus had never liked a lack in bed companions, but being rich, good-looking and vice-president the issue had never really come up; he could have who ever he wanted.

Or so it had seemed. Rufus never had had a problem in coming on to people, women or men, it didn't matter anymore, it had stopped matter sometime when he was 17 and Reno joined the Turks. That was when Rufus had discovered it was just as fun having a male partner as it was to have a female one. Sometimes even more fun; guys was so much better at handling the pain he often inflicted during their little games. They were harder to break therefor they were much more of a conquest.

No one had ever refused him, well, some had but he could without difficulty make them change their mind. Intimidating them with threats was a bonus. But none of that had helped him the day Tseng became the object of his... urges.

Rufus had called the Turk in to his office late on evening, looking forward to a bit of a struggle, and then bruising a beautiful body yet still sending the man over the edge as he roughly fucked him. But Rufus might have been jumping ahead of the events as he planned this night.

Tseng had entered his office half an hour too late and been really pissed off that the little brat for vice-president had called him in just as he was about to go home for the day. Rufus had walked around his big oak desk to place himself next to the Turk even though he was not quite as confident as before the man had come barging in to his office. The cool indifference stained with the slightest annoyance that glimmered in Tseng's hazel eyes had taken him a bit off guard.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Tseng had said, his eyes daring Rufus to do anything that would interrupt his own plans for the evening.

Rufus ignored the question and pressed his lips hard, if a bit awkwardly since all his self- confidence seemed to have been drained him, against the Turk's. Tseng had kissed back, his tongue entering Rufus's mouth before the blond's tongue reached into his. The kiss held much more force and tension than Rufus had ever found in any kind of sexual experience before and he was taken aback by the response his own body was giving to it. Abruptly though, Tseng threw him to the floor.

"What the fuck is...," Rufus started but was grabbed by the collar and pushed up against the wall.

"Let's get one thing straight Rufus," Tseng hissed, "seeing that you obviously are not, " he added with the fraction of a smirk. "Try something like that with me again and you'll be very sorry."

Rufus was outraged, a voice in his head told him to not tolerate this kind of behaviour. But for the first time he fully understood why Tseng was such a feared man. He swallowed before making his comeback. "No Tseng," he said his, managing to balance his voice on the border of threatening hiss, "you're the one that will be sorry, do you know what my father will do to you when I tell..."

"The president thinks you're a spoiled brat that needs to be put in his place," Tseng interrupted him, "and I think he would find that this is the perfect time to do so when it's out that you tried to fuck one of the company's employees. And he probably won't be too happy when he finds out his son has fucked pretty much all the women that have at some time been presidential mistresses. But that's not it, now, is it? No, he'll also have to deal with the fact that his son has fucked at least 50 per cent, if not more, of the men that sits around the table with him in the board meetings. So, Rufus, what do you think? You still want to run to daddy dearest and see if he will bail you out this time?"

Rufus had stared at Tseng in shock, no one ever talked to him like that but he knew the Turk had a very good point. His father would be furious if he found out about his son's extra curriculum activites.

Tseng seemed more annoyed than anything when he let Rufus go and held the young heir to the Shinra empire in a steady gaze. "I don't have time for you now," he said and stormed out of the office, leaving Rufus to try and comprehend what had just happened.

Rufus had slumped down into his leather chair as soon as the Turk'd left the office. His elbows rested on the rim of the desk as he staired blankly at the now closed door through which Tseng had exited. Dearest gods in the skies and on earth, that kiss!

"Water?" Tseng held out one of the bottles to Rufus.

"Huh," was all Rufus could manage to summon as he snapped out of his thoughts. "Ah, thanks." His gaze fell down to the bottle of water that was now in his hand and as it did so his eyes traveled quickly over Tseng's naked chest. His blue gaze flicked up and met dark ones. With an almost shy smirk Rufus turned away. He took a sip of the cold water, then glanced at Tseng again who was sipping the water as well. The skin on his left upper arm and a bit of the shoulder was shielded by a tattoo of a Wutan dragon. Rufus couldn't help but thinking about how it would feel to trace it's black outlines with his tongue. Then up along Tseng's pale neck, down over the chest, circling the nipples, flicking his tongue over them, making them stiff. Then, when his mouth was busy with the rippled stomach his hands would start working on the the dark blue lose fitting trousers, then he would go down some more, then...

A blush spread across his face as he became painfully aware of Tseng watching him with a rather amused expression.

"Um," Rufus said, "I think I'll hit the showers now." Atleast I didn't drool, he thought sarcastically.

"That's probably a good idea," Tseng agreed.

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