2: When a Wish Comes True

I wish that I could hold you
I wish that I could hate you
I wish that I could hold you one more time,
Just one more time

I wish Drain STH

There was no one in the locker room save for Rufus. He undressed swiftly and wrapped a towel around his waist. Just as he did, Tseng came in. Rufus looked up, a bit surprised.

"What's this?" he asked with a tiny smirk. "You are not done for the day, are you?"

Tseng shrugged and leaned back against the row of grey lockers, his arms folded over his chest. "I am, actually."

"So totally unlike you," Rufus picked up his soap and shampoo from the bench. "You are not getting a life, are you?" It wasn't meant to offend, it was common knowledge that anyone who worked at Shinra and was devoted to their work weren't able to have a 'life'.

Tseng glanced down at the floor for a brief second than he looked up at Rufus again, their eyes locking.

"You of all people should know that is not possible in this company." He tilted his head a little to one side, slowly eyeing Rufus. "If you want to achieve some sort of 'life' here, then you'll have to mix business with pleasure."

Rufus arched a brow, wondering if he had heard some sort of an invitation in that sentence. The other man turned and opened his own locker, finding what he needed for the shower. It's been almost three years since I made that pass on him Rufus thought, he could have changed his mind by now. But remembering how humiliated he had felt that time Tseng turned him down was the only thing that stopped Rufus from doing anything. Cold water Rufus, that is what you need, and you need it now.

But the water was not cold, it had just the right temperature to make the muscles relax after hours of getting beaten up. Rufus gladly let the water pour over him, his eyes closed, trying to concentrate on how his whole body responded to the feel of water, and not on how certain parts of his body wanted to respond to previous thoughts that still lingered in his mind. He ran a hand through his wet hair to keep it out of his face.

Bare feet on wet, tiled floor. Rufus threw a quick glance over his shoulder to confirm that it was Tseng who had stepped into the showers. Then he turned his concentration back to the water again, making himself not to look at the Turk's naked form, awaiting the sound of one of the other showers being turned on.

But none of them ever were. Instead he suddenly felt Tseng's hands running over his back. Fingers brushed over the skin, Rufus flinched at some sudden pain.

"You bruise pretty easily, don't you?" Tseng said as he ungently traced the blue marks over Rufus' body that the Turk knew damn well he himself had inflicted on the blond during their training session. The touch of hands were replace by the pressure of Tseng's wet naked body, pushing Rufus up against the wall.

"Tseng," Rufus gasped against his will.

"What?" the Turk breathed into his ear. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?"

"No... I mean... I... oh, god,... Tseng," Rufus shivered as lips were pressed against his neck, teeth nipped at his skin for a moment then the mouth found his and he kissed back greedily.

Later he would remember thinking at one point that this wasn't right, he wasn't in control, but no thought was coherent for him during the brief time he was pinned between Tseng's body and the blue tiled wall.

Tseng's hands were going downwards while his mouth and tongue was occupied with Rufus's neck and shoulders. As Tseng grabbed his cock harshly Rufus threw his head back, giving the Turk free access to his throat which was recklessly attacked with lips and teeth. The hand working on Rufus' cock paused for a moment and the other hand left his body.

Rufus knew what was coming, he could imagine the pain he would feel even though he'd never done it like this, but he knew, because he had heard others scream as he did it to them for the first time.

The hand that held his cock pulled back, another hand was placed on his hip; Tseng entered him in a slow thrust. For a brief moment a terrible pain teared inside him but it was replaced by a completely new sensation as Tseng's cock probed further into him. Rufus trembled, shallow gasps escaped him as the hand wrapped around his shaft again and moved in sync with Tseng's rough thrusts.

Soon their breathing quickened, the shallow gasps became uncontrolled need for air as Rufus started moving his hips to meet up with the other man's thrusts.

Finally Rufus felt his semen spill out, over Tseng's hand and his own thighs, just to be washed away by the pouring water. Tseng released into him before the sensation of orgasm had left him. The warm fluid that filled him brought another, new sensation to him. As the Turk pulled out of him the semen ran down the inside of his legs with a little bit of blood, then it all went down the drain with the water, just as his own cum had done.

Rufus stayed pressed to the wall, shivering. Black dots were dancing before his eyes, his knees were weak, his head was spinning. A slow smile spread across Tseng's face as he watched the young vice-president. He planted a kiss on one of his shoulders as his arm slid over the other and his hand rested on Rufus's chest.

"Are you alright?" he asked. Rufus's body heaved beneath him as he took a deep breath.

"Yeah... I'm alright," Rufus said even though he wondered if he really was.

"You're shaking," Tseng's thumb stroked over Rufus chest, lips nipped lightly at the skin on his neck. Rufus turned his face to the Turk's, wanting to taste his skin aswell. The other man spun him around, but gently, and took him into his arms. They kissed. Rufus's hands slid up Tseng's chest and Tseng held the blond firmly in his embrace.

"Tseng... I...," Rufus paused, wondering how to tell someone you didn't want them to leave, that you didn't want this to be the end of things.

Tseng kissed him again and then reached for the soap. He poured some of it into his palm then started working up a lather with it over Rufus' body. Rufus took the soap and did the same. They stood there for a long time, massaging each other's bodies until they were both covered in a white foam. Then they stepped under the shower again and washed it all off.

Rufus wore a white towel, Tseng a navy blue, both true to their colors even in the bathroom. Rufus searched his locker for a comb, just to finally find it in one of the pockets of his jacket.

He looked up, a bit startled to see Tseng standing next to him, leaning against the locker next to his.

"Sure you're alright?" the Turk asked, sounding sincerely concerned.

Rufus nodded and smiled, then he shyly turned away and pretended to be looking for something in his locker again. Tseng just nodded to himself and walked over to his pile of clothes on the bench.

"Tseng," Rufus started before he found himself at loss for words once more.

Tseng looked up at him as he found his trousers and slipped into them. He didn't say anything, just blinked as he waited for Rufus to continue.

He does hate me, Rufus thought, this was all just one of his weird ways of putting me in my place. To get back at me for what I tried to do that time.

"What is it?" Tseng asked when it became obvious to him that Rufus wasn't going to continue with whatever it was he'd started saying.

"Was this for what happened that time in my office?" Rufus blurted out, almost as one word. He regretted saying it as soon as it was out of his mouth but still, he had to know.

Tseng pulled his shirt on and look up at Rufus again. He closed the distance between them with a few quick strides but as he stood by the young man's side he still didn't touch him.

"No," he said, a bit awkwardly and shook his head, then met Rufus blue eyes that seemed much sadder than he could remember them ever to have been before. "Please don't think that Rufus. But, we probably shouldn't..." he stopped, as if he'd changed his mind about what he was going to say and then he lifted his hand and brushed some strands of blond hair from Rufus's face. His thumb stroked softly over the jawline, then he smiled a little. "No," he repeated again and leaned in for another kiss.

"Hello, anyone here?" A door slammed shut. The two men pulled away from each other guiltily.

"Ah, there you are boss, been looking all over this fucking place for you." Reno told Tseng, sounding exhausted. Then he acknowledged Rufus with a nod, "Mr vice-president." He didn't seem to understand what had been going on just before he entered the locker room.

"Reno," Rufus said, "why so formal all of a sudden?" He smiled at the red headed Turk.

Reno sat down on the bench, one leg on each side of it.

"So what did you want, Reno?" Tseng, who was also sitting on the bench, asked.

Reno didn't answer him but turned to Rufus instead. "Oh yeah, that's right, I almost forgot. The Prez wants to see you Rufus."

Rufus swore under his breath. "Damn him," he muttered, "what does he want now?"

Reno shrugged. "Seemed pretty urgent."

Rufus dressed quickly, then made a last desperate attempt at getting his hair sorted out.

"Well, I guess I'll see you... two... some other time," he said and cast a quick glance at Tseng before he left the two Turks.

Reno leaned back a little, his head tilted as he studied his boss. "He seemed a bit...worn out," he said," did you give him a... rough time?"

Tseng glanced up at Reno briefly, not really meeting his cold blue gaze.

"Did he like the pain Tseng, hm?"

Tseng brushed a weary hand over his face and through his dark hair. "Fuck you Reno."

The smile on Reno's face grew a bit more profound. "You know very well that's not how it is Tseng," he said.

"Stay out of this," Tseng glared at him. "For once in your life keep your nose out of were it doesn't belong."

Reno stood up. "Nevermind," he said and looked down on the raven haired man, "you can tell me all about it later. Tonight." Then he too left, the door slamming behind him, the sound making Tseng flinch.

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