Chapter 1

Artificial light streamed into the slums as dawn gripped the Planet. The sun never reached the sectors hidden beneath Midgar's upper plate, only the pale fake glow driven by mako energy did.

Gray concrete walls full with graffiti divided the sectors from each other. Two obscure shadows were cast over one of them, moving rapidly between the trash and filth that were lined along the dirty paths.

"Wait up, Biggs," Jessie panted.

"We've gotta hurry before anyone sees us." Biggs grabbed her hand and pulled her along as they ran through Sector 7. Jessie stumbled and would have fallen if it wasn't for Biggs strong grip that held her up.

They finally reached their destination, Seventh Heaven, a shabby bar in the outskirts of the sector. It also served as headquarters for AVALANCHE, a newly sprung resistant group against the Shinra empire.

"Looks like it's ok to go," Biggs scanned the small open square between them and the bar.

"Let's go." Jessie and Biggs quickly strode over to the house and disappeared through the door.

"We failed to get into the Shinra Tower," Biggs informed the rest of the members of AVALANCHE when they were all assembled in the secret cellar of Seventh Heaven.

"That place's got maximum security, there's no way we'll be able to just walk in there without being noticed."

"Goddamnit," Barret Wallace, leader of the group, exclaimed as he brought his fist down on the frail wooden table. "Then how are we gonna get to those damn Shinras?"

Jessie shifted uneasily in her chair. "Seems to be an impossible task right now." She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back. "We're too weak; there's five of us. Does anyone even know how many people's working for that fat fuck Shinra? We're not talking hundreds here, thousands more like it. And that's if not counting the whole fucking army they've got. Their elite military army! We don't stand a chance."

Everyone around the table were quiet. As much as they all wanted to believe that just one person could make a difference, they still had to admit that the odds were against them.

Barret grunted in discontent but even he saw the truth in Jessie's words. "Alright, we step back for the time being." His voice was calm, more controlled than usual, the tone low, as if he feared being overheard. "We'll expand the organisation, recruit new members. Everyone we can get, we hafta, we can't be picky. Is that understood?" He gave the others a long look before he continued. "One day we'll be strong enough, strong enough to fight back Shinra and bring them down into the dirt they created. But not yet, we don't want to blow our cover all in vain. We'll wait till we're ready to strike back."

They all nodded in approval.

"We need to find someone who can supply us with weapons. I can't risk taking anymore from work, I dunno where that fat bastard who owns the place stand when it comes to Shinra." Biggs said.

"And we'll need explosives," Jessie filled in.

"And food." Everyone turned and looked at Wedge. "What?" he held out his hands in a helpless gesture. "We need to eat, don't we?"

Barret shook his head. "No, you don't understand. I want you all to go back to your normal lives. We can't risk being connected to each other. Maybe Shinra is on our track. Maybe they've linked one of the attacks to one of us. They probably don't know about us as a group. And we can't let one person bring the whole damn group down."

"So," Biggs said, "what are you saying Barret? No more attacks on Shinra property, no more attempts to get into the Tower?"

"That's right, we lay low from now on. We need to find more members before we do anything else. But be careful with who you talk to about AVALANCHE. There's people in the slums who still thinks Shinra is a good thing to happen to the Planet. And there are spies as well, ready to swiftly take away any resistance they come across."

Biggs nodded. "Ok then. We split up for a while only to come back stronger. When and where will we meet up when the time finally comes?"

"Well, Tifa will always be here, so I guess Seventh Heaven still will do. If anyone's got any important news then drop by here and talk to Tifa. She knows how to contact me."

"You think this place is still safe?" Tifa, who had been silent throughout the meeting, asked.

Barret looked over at Jessie and Biggs. "Do you think anyone followed you today?"

Jessie shook her head. "No, some guards started screaming at us when we were by the Tower but I don't think they realised what we did there."

"Hm, you are sure you weren't followed?" Barret repeated.

"Positive," Biggs said.

"We lost them in Sector 7, boss, but we have a pretty good idea where they might be. If we just wait here long enough they'll hafta come out, " the red haired man said into his cellphone.

His partner had a gun drawn, prepared if the rebels attacked. The young man dropped the phone into one of his pockets again.

"The boss tells us to pull out, direct order from Heidegger. Seems like they decided those punks were just hoodlums not even worth our attention." He unfolded a metallic stick and disposed it into his pocket as well. "Just wish they had come to that conclusion before they sent us out to chase after them at six in the fucking morning."

The two men belonged to Shinra's special force know as the Turks, the red heads name was Reno, the other man was Rude.

"Let's get the fuck outta here," Reno said and they walked off.

Reno dropped down in the leather chair across the desk from his boss. He lit a cigarette and sank further down into the chair.

"Rough night?" the raven haired man on the otherside of the big mahogny desk asked without taking his eyes off the computer screen that was buzzing out a blueish light.

Reno smirked. "No, not really. Had a few drinks, met a girl, took her home, fucked her brains out." His boss finally turned off the computer.

"Really?" he asked as he busied himself with some paperwork instead.

"No, that's right, I was out chasing two brats around half of fucking Midgar and below. Then it turned out that they actually were brats and not a lifethreatening... threat to Shinra after all."

The other man had put the papers aside and studied the redhead intently. He stood up and walked around the desk. When he was behind the young Turk he placed his hands on his shoulders, slowly massaging them.

"Poor little thing," he said in a mock sweet voice, "maybe this will make you feel better."

"It's better if you rub this, Tseng" Reno said as he took one of his boss' hands and put it over his groin."

"Ah, so it's that poor little thing that needs... stimulation." Tseng squeezed a couple of times then he let go.

"Damnit Tseng," Reno grunted," that felt good, why'd you stop?"

Tseng stepped back and leaned against his desk. He chuckled as he saw Reno's desperate expression.

"We're at work, let's act proffesional," he said.

Reno smirked and got up. "You never minded that before," he reached out and pulled the other Turk closer. Then he walked over to the desk himself and jumped up to sit on the edge of it. "Whaddaya say? A quicky, right across the desk, just like old times." He spread his legs and tilted his head, fluttering his eye lashes. "Come on, you know you want to." Reno started tugging at his own pants.

"Reno, slow down, will you," Tseng grabbed his arms and stopped him from getting undressed.

"Oh, come on, no time for foreplay," he nuzzled his face into Tseng's chest. "Take me."

Tseng laughed. "Reno stop this you silly little..."

"What do you want Tseng, you want me to beg?" Reno smirked.

"God forbid. I wouldn't want you to seem pathetic. Or even more, I should probably say." Tseng dragged the Turk off of his desk. "Now get out before I wrestle you down to the floor and tie you up." Too late Tseng realized his mistake.

"Oh," Reno's eyes lit up, "might enjoy that."

Tseng sighed as he tried and push the other man out of his office. "I just called you in to ask what the new guy is like?"

Reno frowned. "I don't know, I haven't fucked him yet... or he me, hm."

"That wasn't really what I was talking about." Tseng gave up pushing other Turk.

"Ah, well I guess he's alright, except for the fact that he hardly says a word and he never laughs at my jokes." Reno stood face to face with Tseng and folded his arms over his chest.

"Does anyone?" Tseng picked up the cigarette that Reno had thrown carelessly on the carpet and stabbed it out in the ashtray. "Are you going to piss off or was there anything else you wanted?"

Reno's face split in a grin. "Hell yeah, I want to get laid."

"Well, you're wasting your time here then, because it will not happen with me."

"Oh come on Tseng, you got me all worked up, you can't just leave me unsatisfied."

"Why not, you always did it to me."

"Not true, I gave you some of the best orgasms of your life and you know it," Reno stated, matter-of-factly.

"I was faking it," Tseng chuckled.

Reno snorted. "Only girls fake it Tseng."

"Not with you," Tseng retorted.

The other man swore and laughed as he did. "Damnit."

"Get out of here. Now." Tseng turned to his desk again but just as he did he heard the sound of Reno dropping into the chair once more.

"Will you watch me masturbate?" Reno's big grin met him as he turned back to face the redhead.

"Oh gods, give me strength," he sighed.

"I would say they already have Tseng, I haven't met anyone who can go on as long as you can during sex. And I have slept with a lot of people." Reno nodded knowingly.

"No," Tseng exclaimed, "and here I was thinking I was your only one."

"Well what can I say," Reno shrugged, "I've been around, you know."

"Your ass certainly has."

"Oh, he started talking dirty to me." Reno sounded thrilled. "More."

"What will it take to get you to leave?"

"Hm, I'll give ya a hint, boss, I'm not leaving till I'm satisfied."

"You've got two hands, do it yourself."

"Only if you'll watch. Or you can strip while I do it, that would be nice too."

Tseng rolled his eyes and let out yet another sigh. He fell down to his knees next to the chair Reno was sitting in. His dark eyes looked up into the blue easy gaze and smirked as he unfastened the other man's trousers.

"Is this how you get sex? Annoying people till they give it to you," he asked as he started stroking Reno's lenght.

"You... should know," Reno panted. He raised a hand to tangle his fingers in the other Turks black strands of hair. Tseng slapped it away with his own free hand.

Reno smirked, his eyes half closed. "Still not into affection Tseng?" Reno twisted in the chair as he was coming closer to release. "I thought you might have changed...," Tseng squeezed his cock hard, making Reno yelp. Reno just laughed as the pain subsided. "I guess not." He threw his head to the side and bit his lip, but then he changed his mind.

"Oh, Tseng," he screamed, loud enough for people outside the door to hear. "Oh, harder, faster... deeper." As he released he screamed his boss' name again. And again. And again. As the orgasm left him he opened his eyes and looked down on Tseng's annoyed smirk. He zipped his pants and laughed.

"You just hate it that they would know, don't ya, Tseng?"

"It's none of their business who I fuck," Tseng shrugged and stood up.

"Or how," Reno filled in, he didn't seem to be making much of an effort to get up and out of the office. "Are you hard? You want me to do anything for you?" Reno tilted his head and pouted his lips at Tseng, making a smacking sound.

"It takes a bit more to get me turned on than watching you twist and moan in a chair."

Reno hit his fist against the arm of the chair. "Damnit, I knew I should have worn my Princesse Leia outfit. The one she's got on at Jabba the Huts place."

Tseng threw his head back and laughed out loud. "You are sick Reno, you're so fucking sick. Will you just get out of here and let me get back to work."

"Tell me why you didn't want to fuck me first." Reno got up from the chair.

"Because it wouldn't be any challange in it," he smirked, "you're just too easy Reno."

"I'll remember that next time. I'll make you beg." Reno winked, then turned to leave.

"Reno, wait."

The redhead spun around and crossed his arms. "Changed your mind already, boss?"

Tseng closed his eyes, begging for someone to give him patience. "No, I just wanted to inform you that I'm going down to the Wall Market tomorrow. Going weapon shopping, you want to come?"

"Sure," Reno said, "it's a date." The door slammed behind him.

Tseng shook his head, a smirk on his lips, then he said aloud; "No, it isn't."

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