Part 11

"Hey Kim, how are you feeling?"

"Pretty good."

"And you Zel? ZELGADIS!"

"Hu..? What do you want Lina?"

"Where haw you been the last ten seconds? I asked you how you are feeling?"

"I'm fine." He was wondering what Kim was about to tell him. And he really wanted to know. But he was pretty tired now.

"Well, I feel like to go for a walk. I been unconscious long haw I been unconscious anyway??"

"For a got us really worried." Lina answered because Zel had fallen asleep in the chair.

"Poor Zel. How long has he been awake?"

"Well we managed to get him to sleep two times under the time you were unconscious."

"Not wonder, he fell asleep then. Can you help me get him into the bed? I can't use magic at all now."

"Sure." Lina levitated Zel onto the bed and Kim tucked him in and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Lina would you like to go for a walk? It's no fun to go alone."

"Ok. Then you can tell me about what happened to you, if you know that is."

I don't really know what happened. And I don't know if I want to tell Lina. I know I can trust her...but I don't know what it is, but it feels like I shouldn't tell her.

"Shall we go Kim?"

"Yes I'm coming."

When they had left the Inn they walked to the park. They hadn't said much to each other. Kim was in her own thoughts.



"What happened to you when you were unconscious?"

"I.. I don't know exactly what happened. The only thing I know for certain is that I was back in my old body."

"What? You were back? But how did you get back here?"

"I fell unconscious because of pain and ended up here again. And I'm glad I did. I don't want to go back there. I know it's selfish but... it doesn't feel like I belong there any more."

"What about your parents? Did you see them?"

"I saw my mom. She was really happy and I'm sorry that I caused her and my dad so much pain."

"But you still don't want to go back?"

"No. I really like it here. And I don't want to leave Zel, he means too much to me."

"It's ok with me and the others, and defiantly with Zel. I have never seen him like this. He must really care about you."


"Yes. But how do you know that you just won't leave your body here and return to your old body again, without you knowing it until it's too late?"

"I don't know. I'm only hoping that it won't happen again."

I know that I can't stay here forever. I promised that I would leave him. 12 months, a year and I can't tell him or someone else that I'm leaving. I'm going to hurt his feelings so damn much.

"Kim, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just glad to be here." She said with a fake smile.

When they got back to the Inn it was past midnight. Every one had gone up to their rooms to get some sleep.

"I'll see you in the morning Kim."

"Ok goodnight."

When I entered the room I saw Zel still sleeping. He truly deserved to rest. But then I came to think of that there were only one bed. Well I didn't mind at all.

"Well, I hope that you don't mind me sleeping in the same bed as you Zel." She said to him and didn't expect an answer.

"I don't mind at all." He answered with a tone in his voice that Kim never heard before. But it wasn't a bad tone. It was an inviting tone.

"Your awake?"

"Yes. I heard you come in."

"I woke you? I'm sorry."

"No you didn't wake me. I've been awake for awhile."


"Are you coming to bed or not?"

"In a little while. I'm just going to change first." Wow, I didn't expect this to happen. But I'm not complaining. And besides we are just going to sleep... She went to the bathroom and changed into her nightshirt and then walked to the bed and slipped down beside Zel. She noticed that he wasn't wearing his shirt anymore.

"Missed me?" He didn't answer. He simply gave her a kiss and then looked at her in the pale moonlight.

"Something wrong Zel?"

"No, nothings wrong. Everything is perfect, especially you." She blushed and then gave him a kiss. And then lied her head on his chest and stroke it with one of her hands.

There is so much I want to tell you but can't.

"Were are we heading tomorrow Zel? Um.. Zel are you awake?" It doesn't look that way. But he must still be tired. I can't blame him.

"I love you Zel." She whispered and shortly after that she fell asleep to.

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