Part 8

Zel never left the curled up figure on the floor from his sight. When Lina and Gourry were occupied with Amelia and her boyfriend, he got louse and ran over to the figure. He could hear her silent sobs. He kneeled down beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him with tear filled eyes. Then she moved away from him and looked down again.

"Don't touch me."

"Why not?"

"I'm ugly, fat and I don't disserve to be loved."

"You are not ugly and you are defiantly not fat." He moved closer to here and tilted her head up so he could look in to her eyes.

"And I love you. Nothing can change that."

"I love you to." She smiled and then they leaned closer and kissed. When they had broken the kiss they stood up and then looked at the others. They were staring at them.

"Kim you look great." A quite stunned Gourry managed to say.

"What do you mean?"

"I can't image why you don't like the way you look?" Lina said under her breath. Lina and Kim had talked about Kim's world and what she looked like. But she wasn't fat at all. She was a little taller then Lina and was more developed then her. And had short brown hair and blue eyes.

"Didn't you say that you had long hair?" Lina asked and started to walk towards her.

"Yes. Why are you asking?"

"I think you better take a look in a mirror."

"Why is something wrong?" She just then noticed that she didn't have any hair hanging in front of her eyes. And then she noticed that she was much thinner then before.

"Xellos wasn't I suppose to look exactly like my old body?"

"You are suppose to look like your body in the shape it is now, not half a year ago."

"They cut my hair and did something ells, I can feel it but I don't know what it is."

"What are you saying Kim?" Amelia came from behind Lina and Gourry. Dereck had went outside to wait. He didn't want to disturb the others because he had herd about Lina Inverse the dragon spookier.

"Oh nothing. Can we go now? I want to get out of here, this place is giving me the creeps." They started to go outside when Amelia walked up beside Kim.

"Can I speak with you later Kim?"

"Sure, later this evening is ok."

"Ok. Se you lather then." Then she hurried to catch up with Lina and Gourry.

"Kim, are you all right?"

"Yes I'm fine, just a little tiered."

"I can carry you, if you want to?"

"I'm ok, really."

She just said that so he wouldn't worry. But she wasn't just tiered she had an extremely bad headache to. When they was about 1 kilometer from the town they was heading to, Kim collapsed on the rode.

"KIM!" Zel yelled her name but she didn't respond.

"Zel what happened?" Lina and the other came running. They had walked a bit further up the road. Lina kneeled down beside Kim and so did Amelia.

"I don't know. She just collapsed."

"Maybe she just worn out from the separation?" Lina said as Amelia used a spell to scan for what was wrong with Kim.

"Something is weary wrong. But I can't detect what it is."

"Well we better hurry up to the town maybe there is a healer there who can help." Lina said simply and rouse from the ground.

"Ok lets go." Zel lifted Kim up from the ground and began walking towards the town. He looked down at Kim ho was unconscious at the moment and he wondered why she didn't say anything while they were walking before.

She must have felt something before collapsing. But why didn't she say anything?

"Zel...why are you carrying me?"

"Your awake now? Good, you gave me quite a scare you know."

"Sorry. Um...Zel what did happen anyway? I can't remember anything but that I was walking beside you and then every thing went black."

"You can't remember? You just collapsed and you didn't respond or anything. Did you feel dizzy or something?"

"No, nothing it just went black."

"Well we are near the town and tomorrow we are going to the healer's with you to get a clue what's wrong with you."

"Ok. Zel can you put me down now? I can walk the rest of the way."

"Not a chance. I don't want you to hurt yourself. And you look like you haven't slept for days. I'll carry you, try to get some sleep."

"Ok, if you say so." She snuggled up against his chest and soon she was asleep.

The next morning Kim woke up and felt better then the day before. She sat up in her bed and saw Zel sleeping in a chair next to her. She swung her feet of the bed and stood. She slowly walked over to him and leaned forward and gave him a light kiss on the forehead. He mowed a little. Kim taught that she'd waked him, but he just kept on sleeping.

He must have watched over me most of the night. He disserves to sleep.

She went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she looked in the full-length mirror she was stunned. She was thin. She had the figure she always wanted. But how?

She took a quick bath and the put on here jeans, T-shirt and sneakers she came there with. She then went downstairs to eat some breakfast. Amelia was already up hand had ordered her food.

"Hey Kim. How are you feeling today?"

"Better. I defiantly needed to sleep."

"Can we talk now? We couldn't talk yesterday."

"Oh I'm sorry. What did you want to talk about?"

"About your body in your world."

"Ok. What about it?"

"Well I'll been stuck in your mind all this time. And your body didn't wake up when I was in it."

"What have you done all this time then?"

"I been able to watch your memories. And I feel weary sorry for you. No one should bee treated like that."

"You seen my memories? Oh no. Please Amelia don't tell anyone."

"Of course not."

"I can't understand why you are so nice to me? I took over our body and your life fore half a year."

"I'm a defender of justice and love. And your love to Zelgadis is something to fight fore."

"Amelia I have a question. Why did you choose Dereck instead of Zel?"

"I understood that Zelgadis didn't love me fore the person I am. And shortly after that I meet Dereck. He's also a defender of justice and love. And it was love at first sight." Amelia was lining her head in her hands and looked like she was in another world.

"Amelia...hello are you awake?" It doesn't look that way. Well what shell I order? After a while of thinking she felt that she wasn't that hungry. So she went upstairs and left a dreaming Amelia at the table. Wen she came to her room Zel was still sleeping.

"I'll think I draw your picture right now. If I don't, you probably wont sit model for me any time this lifetime."

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