Chapter 1

Our heroes are now entering the town of Madrake to the familiar sound of "I'm Hungry!" from Gourrin.

Zerena sighs and replies "there's a diner up ahead. Do you think your 'delicate' stomach can wait that long?" Gourrin nodded.

Just then Zerena turned to face the front again and bumped into someone falling flat on her behind. "Owww Who in the...." She trailed off as she looked up to see the closed eyed grin of a certain blond Mazoku/Ryuuzoku. Dammit L-sama! What did I ever do to YOU!? I know you're just laughing at me aren't you? Zerena thought as she stood up. "Leila, How...nice.... to see you again," Zerena said in a monotone to rival Heero Yuy's.

Leila grinned larger (If that's even possible) and replied "Rena-Chan! I missed you!" And promptly smothered the older girl in a hug.

"Wish I could say the same. Uh Lei, I can't breathe." Zerena said.

"Oh! Sorry Rena-Chan I'm just glad to see you again!"

"Yeah well...."

"Oh! My, My is this Gourrin? I haven't seen him in a while either."

"Yeah that's him" Zerena nudged Gourrin "say hello!"

Gourrin turned from staring at the door of the diner, which was right in front of them, whimpered then said "Hi Lei. Long time, no see."

Leila waved slightly at him, still smiling.

"C'mon Gourrin, you said you were hungry," Zerena said walking to the diner's door. Gourrin quickly followed, running past her and sitting at a table. Leila followed much to Zerena's frustration.

When the waitress came to take their order Gourrin ordered everything on the menu in double portions, Zerena merely got a couple pieces of chicken and cup of coffee, (^_^ Taking after her father I see) and Leila pulled a pink china teacup complete with filled teapot out of no where.

Zerena glared at Leila "don't you have somewhere better to be?"

"Nope!" Leila grinned while Zerena silently fumed.

"Mmere mactzty row mre gmowin?" Gourrin asked. Zerena blinked then Gourrin swallowed and asked again "where exactly are we going?"

"Oh! We're heading to Atlas City currently."

"Oh Okay" Gourrin replied then dug right back into what's left of his food.

At that moment a certain aqua haired Ancient Ryuuzoku happened to walk in looking for his younger sibling.

"Val!" Leila screeched and Zerena flinched. "Over here Nii-chan!"

Valterra spotted his hyperactive sister and headed over. He raised one eyebrow at Zerena and Gourrin. "Hey been a while."

"Hi Valterra" Zerena responded "how've you been"

"Mrye" Gourrin mumbled.

"I've been okay, would've been better if Lei would stop her disappearing act. Mom's about to have a heart attack worrying."

Leila grinned sheepishly and opened her eyes slightly "sorry Nii-chan."

"So, Zerena, when'd you start picking up traveling buddies? I thought you preferred to work alone?" Valterra asked.

"I do, but this idiot insists on being my "protector" " She replied doing the air quotations when she said protector.

"I am your protector Z!" Gourrin said.

Zerena rolled her eyes and looked at Valterra again as if to say 'told ya.'

Valterra chuckled lightly "Ya can't blame him. It's in his blood."

"Yeah! I guess...." Gourrin replied, not completely getting Valterra's point.

Zerena had long since finished her meal and was now on her fifth cup of coffee waiting for Gourrin to finish. And Leila finished off her teapot a while ago as well and was now looking sadly at her teacup. When Gourrin finally finished, Zerena tossed a couple gold coins to the owner and left a silver one on the table for the waitress, then dragged Gourrin away, mumbling something about finding an Inn to stay the night at to Valterra and Leila.

Valterra stopped her "Why waste money on an Inn? You can stay at our place tonight. Mom won't mind, she loves company."

Zerena sighed, she had wanted to get away from the psycho Mazoku/Ryuuzoku and hopefully her equally insane father, but Valterra had a point. And she couldn't very well refuse an offer to save her, and Gourrin, money.

"All right" she replied. Valterra smiled at her and lead the way.

When they got there Filia immediately rushed up and grabbed Leila in a hug then promptly hit her with mace-sama. "Don't you EVER disappear like that again!" Filia yelled, then noticed they had company. She hid her mace then said, "I'm so sorry. I didn't notice you were there."

"It's all right Filia-baasan" Zerena replied.

"Filia-baasan? Wait Rena-Chan is that you?"

Zerena nodded.

"My! You've grown so much since I last saw you! You look so pretty now!" Filia replied and gave her a hug. She then looked at Gourrin "and this must be Gourrin right? You really shot up! You're almost as tall as Gourry-San, am I right?"

Gourrin nodded "yeah I'm only an inch shorter. Dad says its cause mom's so short."

"Don't let Lina-san hear that, she mangle him. Oh! Is that the Sword of Light?"

Gourrin smiled brightly, placed his hand on the sword's hilt and replied "Yup! Sure is! dad gave it to me cause he didn't want mom to get her hands on it."

"Well they haven't changed at all" Filia responded. "Oh, I'm sorry would you two like something to drink? Or eat?"

"Nah" Gourrin responded looking at the collection of Maces on the wall.

"Could I get a cup of coffee Filia-baasan?" Zerena asked.

Filia smiled "of course" and went to the kitchen. A couple minutes later and handed a steaming mug to Zerena, who was now sitting on the couch.

Zerena took a sip then said "Thank you."

"Anytime Rena-Chan" Filia said then sat down in one of the chairs.

At that moment everyone's favorite Trickster Priest decided to make his grand entrance by appearing in Filia's lap. He grinned at looked up at Filia "Hello Fi-Chan! Miss me?"

"No" The golden dragon replied standing up, causing him to fall on the floor.

Leila grinned then tackled her father with a cry of "Daddy! I missed you!"

Xelloss hugged her back and said "I'm glad someone missed me" with a pointed look at Filia and Valterra, who was trying his best to ignore Xelloss. Then Xelloss's attention turned to their guests. "Who is this pretty young lady?"

Filia's mace made contact with Xelloss's head before she replied "That's Zerena, and Gourrin's over there. Remember them?"

"Ah yes! You've definitely grown since I last saw you. You look just like your father. And Gourrin, you've definitely grown. You were only a little thing last I saw you!" Xelloss rambled.

Zerena sighed and did her best to ignore him by asking Filia for another cup of coffee, which she promptly got. Gourrin just rubbed the back of his head, not quite understanding Xelloss's ramblings and just barely remembering who Xelloss even was.

Filia looked out the window and noticed the sun and long disappeared behind the horizon. "Oh my, it's getting late. Leila time for bed. Zerena and Gourrin perhaps you'd better get to sleep as well if you're going to be traveling all day tomorrow."

"Yeah, if you'll just show us to our rooms Filia-baasan." Zerena answered.

"Yes of course. Gourrin can have the guest room and Rena-Chan can stay in Leila's room."

Zerena's eye twitched at the prospect of staying the night in the same room as Leila, which, luckily for Zerena, Filia noticed.

"Perhaps Rena-Chan should have the guest room and Gourrin can share a room with Val."

"That's okay" Gourrin said "I can just sleep here on the couch."

"I don't want you uncomfortable, Gourrin" Filia said concerned.

"Don't worry. It's fine with me." Gourrin responded, stretching out on said couch.

"All right. I'll get you a blanket and pillow" She walked to the hall closet pulled out a pillow and thick blanket and brought them back to him. "There that should do. Goodnight. Zerena if you'll follow me, I'll take you to your room."

Zerena nodded and followed with the cup of coffee in hand. Valterra & Leila headed to their own rooms. Xelloss tried to sneak into Zerena's room, which resulted in him getting hit with mace-sama and dragged to his and Filia's room by his hair.

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