Chapter 4


navy = flashback

Three days later our group was leaving Xoana on their way to Atlas City with two new companions.

Damn them! Damn them! Damn them! Damn them! Zerena thought why'd they have to use such dirty tactics!

Zerena & company were standing in the throne room with Martina, Zangulas & Gerik.

Zerena was standing with her arms crossed, eyes closed and a look of extreme annoyance on her face, which could be due to the fact that Leila was trying to braid her hair. "No" Zerena stated simply, trying to knock Leila away. "That stuck-up brat is not coming with us."

The stuck-up brat looked annoyed at the comment and looked to his parents giving them the look that parents can't resist...the puppy dog face.

Martina looked at Zerena "you do know that Lina Inverse destroyed my kingdom and never paid for the damages, right?"

Zerena nodded.

"Well" Martina continued "If you let Gerik-chan travel with you, you won't have to pay for what Lina did."

Zerena growled and mulled it over. Let the brat travel with us or spend a fortune? Hmmm...Alright the brat can come with us but first I'm not gonna let them win completely She composed herself and smiled. She levitated up and stood on the chandelier above the massive throne room.

"In the name of justice, I, Zerena Greywords De Seyruun, say he can travel with us and be a fellow champion of justice! It would be very unjust to spend our traveling money when this could be solved in a manner much more just and cheaper!"

She leapt from the chandelier and performed a spectacular twist and several back flips in the air before landing in a handstand. She then gracefully planted one foot then the other behind her so she was bent in an arch for a moment then pushed herself to her feet with her hands.

The others were staring at the acrobatic display and were momentarily over their nausea from her Justice speech. Zerena smirked and combed her hair out of her right eye with her fingers, where it promptly fell right back. She mentally growled Dad and his damned hair genes.

Zerena was still going over her mental mantra of Damn Them!. Gourrin was following happily. Leila was hovering behind Val trying to tie little pink bows in his hair. Valterra was swearing at Leila in close to thirty different languages, at least ten of which were dead languages. Milissa was walking along and trying to apply makeup at the same time. And Gerik trying to get the girl's attention and failing miserably. None of them knew that they were being watched.

The silver haired figure watched them pass then teleported back to her master. The girl knelt and said "Lord Deep Sea Dolphin, the group you've been watching has gained two new members. A Golden Ryuuzoku girl and a mere human boy."

Deep Sea Dolphin jumped off of her throne and clapped and generally looked completely nutty. She did that for several minutes then composed herself. "Gin-Kami (*Silver-Hair. Well Deep Sea is insane so you've got to expect weird names) my General, you've done good as a reward I have this for you." Deep Sea Dolphin held out a dead fish.

Gin-Kami sweatdroped and accepted "erm..t-thank you Lord Deep Sea Dolphin."

Deep Sea Dolphin grinned similar to Xelloss and then called out "Kin-Kami! (*Gold-Hair) Come here!"

A gold haired figure appeared beside Gin-Kami and bowed to Deep Sea Dolphin.

"Kin-Kami, my Priest, I want you to continue watching that group with Gin-Kami."

Gin-Kami & Kin-Kami said their acknowledgments, bowed then left the room. The pair walked out of the room and down a seemingly endless hallway.

The two look exactly alike except for their color choices and the fact that they were a male and female. Both had straight hair reaching to the small of their backs in their respective colors. They both wore harem style pants and martial arts shoes, also in their respective colors. Gin-Kami wore a silver bikini top in addition to her silver harem pants and shoes.

Kin-Kami brushed his gold hair behind his ears and looked at Gin-Kami "Gin, what do you think Dolphin-Sama wants with these kids?"

Gin-Kami repeated the motion with her silver hair and answered "Dunno bro, but I'm not gonna argue with her. She'll throw us in the box again."

They both shivered at the thought. Finally they reached the end of the hall and teleported to the town where Zerena & company were currently occupying.

Zerena sneezed. "'scuse me."

"So Miss Zerena, why are you going to Atlas City?" Milissa asked.

"I've heard they have some of the best magic shops around there, so I want to see if there's anything I want there."

"Why wouldn't you just go to the shops in Seyruun?" Gerik supplied.

"Because Seyruun is the white magic capital. That means if I want to look for stuff related to black magic or some of the darker shamanist magics I have to leave town."

"Oh, alright" Gerik said then returned to trying to get Milissa & Leila to go on a date.

Zerena sighed and resisted the urge to Flare Arrow him. At least he gave up on me after he ended up on the wrong end of a Vlave Howl She thought and mentally smirked.

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