It was a beautiful day, sun was shining, birds were chirping, and everything was just peaceful. At least until a black haired girl ran over the hill followed by gang of bandits. "Dammit!" Zerena said "why did I ever think I could take on a gang all by myself!" She quickly glanced over her shoulder and when she turned back to face front, she noticed a familiar red haired swordsman ahead of her. She grinned "Gourrin! Little help here?"

He looked at her then at the bandits chasing her. He scratched the back of his neck. "Sure Z" he replied pulling out his sword and assuming an offensive stance. She ran up beside him.

The bandits formed a semi-circle in front of them. "Well now you're going to pay, girl" One sneered. He nodded toward another bandit then toward Zerena. The second bandit pulled out a sword and advanced toward her. Gourrin stepped in front of her griping his sword tighter. "What's this?" The first bandit asked. "The little thief has a bodyguard?"

Zerena opened her mouth to protest when Gourrin replied "that's right! Now I'd advise you to leave her alone."

"Ohhhhh, Suuure we'll leave the girl alone.." The first bandit replied "...once she's dead." He signaled the all ten bandits, including him, to attack them.

Gourrin immediately started striking out with his sword. Within a few seconds he'd downed over half of them. Zerena took the first and second bandits down with a well-aimed Elmekia Lance. The last one standing took one look at his fallen comrades then at the unharmed Zerena & Gourrin. His eyes widened and he turned tail and ran. Gourrin put his sword back into the sheath then turned to Zerena.

He smiled, held out his hand and said "well Z it's been a long time hasn't it?"

"Yeah it has" She answered and grabbed his hand and shook it.

Gourrin smiled bigger and said "now I can go back to being your protector right?"

Zerena sighed "I guess, even though I don't need a protector."

"Sure you do! My mom's even more powerful than you and she still had my dad to protect her."

"Yeah, whatever" she replied and turned to walk away. She looked over her shoulder after she got a little way away "well? Ya comin' or not?"

Gourrin blinked then smiled "Yeah I'm comin'!" He took off running to catch up with her then slowed down to match her pace as they walked off.

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