Chapter 2: The Contest

As usual, Lina, Gourry and Amelia were talking about food. Lina was describing the local specialties, "They're supposed to have the best shrimp dishes anywhere. There are 200 different varieties! I'm going to try them ALL!! Cajun shrimp, tomato lentil shrimp rice, lemon flavored ....

Filia sighed. All they ever think about is food. Can't they ever be serious? We just had breakfast an hour ago! I don't want to watch this again. I'll go find a quiet spot to have some tea. "Hey guys," she tried to get their attention, "I'll catch up with you later. Ok?" Zel was busy sulking and the rest were too busy with their discussion to notice her as she left. With one exception. Xelloss watched her go through partially opened eyes and vanished soon as she was out of sight.

Amelia: "Huh, where did Xelloss and Filia go? I guess they're not hungry."

Filia sat in a secluded little garden, sighing contentedly as she drank her tea. "Oh, what a beautiful spot I've found. So peaceful. And secluded. No one will bother me here..." Xelloss appeared sitting across the table from her with a cup in hand.

"Mind if I join you?"

"EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK! What do you want?"

"I just wanted a bit of tea. Are you such a selfish dragon that you won't even share your tea?

"Of course not! Here, have the tea, you miserable namagomi."

"Well, if you're going to be rude to me, then I don't want it."

"Just take it, Xelloss!"

"OK," he grinned and poured some tea.

"See? We dragons are so generous; we will even share with our worst enemies."

"Oh, really. I thought dragons were more likely to lose their temper and get violent toward their enemies."

"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT?!" Filia screamed as she jumped up and grabbed her mace. Suddenly, she sweatdropped and looked at her mace.

Xelloss started to laugh. "My point exactly." Filia quickly put her mace away and sat back down as Xel continued, "Yare, yare. You can't even share tea with your companion without losing your temper."

"Yes, I can. I could control my temper, if I wanted. I was simply trying to teach you a lesson, you insolent Mazoku!"

"Oh, really. Then, why don't you prove it. I have a challenge for you."

"I'm not interested in your silly games."

"Cowardly lizard. Your refusal only proves my point."

"Don't say that!" Filia twitched and her eyes narrowed, "What is this challenge?"

"You dragons pretend to be peaceful creatures, but I've seen what you're really like. I just want to see if you can sit perfectly still for an hour."

"An hour! That is simple. Dragons can meditate for years if they want to."

"Then, an hour should be a simple matter. The others will still be eating anyway. And to make it more interesting, I think we should have a prize. If you win, I'll do one favor for you. Anything you ask."

"How about leaving me alone!"

"Ok! If you ask me to leave you alone forever, I will." Xelloss paused and leaned forward till his nose was inches from her own. "If that's really what you want."

Filia backed away from him, "Of course it is!" This could be my chance to get away from him! But what's the trick? "And if you win?"

"Why, then you have to do whatever one thing I ask. It's only fair"

"And what would that be?"

"Sore wa himitsu desu." He waved his finger at her, "It's no fun if I tell you! Do you accept the deal?"

Filia hesitated. I don't know what he's trying to do, but surely I can sit still for one hour. Ohhh, it's worth the risk, if I can get away from him. "I accept."

Xelloss grinned. "OK! Now, you can't move at all, and no talking, but I'll be generous and allow you to move your eyes, and to breathe. Also, if anything endangers your life, the contest is void. But, otherwise you have to accept the consequences." He smirked. "No complaining, if a fly lands on your nose or something."

I didn't even think of those things. What am I getting into? Filia sat straight but comfortably in her chair and nodded.

Xelloss: "Ok. Begin!" He turned an hourglass that had appeared in his hand and set it on the table. He, then, proceeded to lounge in his chair, settling in for a wait. Soon, he started to shift around like he was bored. After just five minutes, he yawned, "Filia-chan, you really are very good at sitting still. This isn't as much fun as I thought it'd be." Filia's eyes glinted, but she refused to smirk and lose. "Still, the view is very nice."

How is he watching anyway with his eyes shut?

Xelloss opened an eye to look at her. "You know that with your arms at your sides like that, you've managed to stretch your dress tight across your front? Are you teasing me?" Filia struggled not to look down or move her arms. "Quite an alluring picture. Still.. It'd be better yet from up close." Suddenly, he phased out and appeared right in front of her. Her eyes widened, but she remained still. He leaned forward till his face was almost touching hers and asked, "Are you having fun yet, Filia-chan?" He kissed her lightly on the cheek. She turned bright red and glanced down to where her mace was under her dress.

"Oh, Filia, you're looking playful! But if you want to have fun with mace-sama, you'll have to forfeit this game. The rules never specified what I'd be doing during the contest." He kissed her lightly on the lips. "There, don't you like that? You certainly seemed to enjoy it the other day when you kissed me." He kissed her a little harder. "Now, this is certainly more fun than just sitting there. Isn't it?"

Xelloss phased out again, and this time reappeared sitting right on her lap! Filia's eyes nearly popped out. Xelloss giggled again, but then he leaned in and really began kissing her.

Filia was fuming. She was twitching from the strain not to go for her mace and smack him right off her lap. How dare he trick me like this?! I'll beat him into a bloody little mess that only has a few purple hairs to identify it as Xelloss. But first, I have to win. She glanced at the hour glass. All this, and we're only ten minutes into the contest! I'm going to blow up! I'd better do something before he wins. He'd probably make me polish his staff while singing a song about Mazoku being better than Ryuzoku. Ok, this could be worse. It really could be worse. I'm sure it could be worse. It's actually sort of pleasant. HEY! Where did that come from! This is the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me, but I have to be strong and endure it. And I will. You know, if he's really trying to make me lose, he should change tactics as soon as he realizes this isn't working. Any minute now... Ohhh. He really seems to be enjoying this. It's almost like he really means it. No! Xelloss put an arm around her back. EEEEPPP! He can't count it if he moves me! But oh that feels good! EEEEEEEEPPPP!

Xelloss pulled back momentarily and looked her straight in the eye. I don't think I've ever seen that look before. It almost seems... sincere.

"Filia-chan, do you want to know a secret?" Xelloss paused though he knew she wouldn't answer. He leaned forward to a little to whisper, "I think I'm in love with you." And he leaned forward ever so slowly to kiss her again. Without even realizing it, she leaned forward a bit to meet him as he wrapped his arms around her for his most passionate kiss yet. Finally, several minutes later he released her. Suddenly, he grinned and pointed down. "I think you lost, Filia-chan!" She looked down to see her own arms tentatively holding him, in a way that couldn't possibly be their original position.

Filia gasped. "What are you going to make me do?"

Xelloss waved his finger at her, "Can't you guess?" and then, pulled her in for another kiss before she remembered she could now move. "Sleep with me, Filia-chan!"

"WHAT!!" Filia screeched, "You... You... I can't."

"And why not?" Xelloss asked, surprised that she wasn't beating him yet.

"We're not married!!!"

Now was Xelloss' turn to be surprised "What?? Hmm... That's an interesting idea. Filia, if you were married to someone, you'd be theirs forever, right?"

"Um, Yes."

Xelloss giggled. "Oh, that sounds like fun. Filia-chan. I've never been married before! For my request, I want you to marry me!"

"WHAT!!! NANI!!!! Are you serious? Marriage isn't some joke! It's a sacred vow that can never be broken!"

Xelloss opened his eyes, and Filia saw that look in them that seemed so out of character. They were completely honest and yet full of a raging desire. "Yes. Marry me, Filia."

Filia just stared at Xelloss.

"Come on, Filia-chan. You gave your word."

"But... But... How can we get married? What will the other dragons think? My reputation will be ruined!"

"Is that a yes?"

"You don't even care do you?!"

"About what stuffy old dragons say? No."

"NAMAGOMI!" Filia pulled out her mace again.

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