Act 1: Sailor Gourry

"Sailor V foils a theif's plan to steal an orihalcan statue worth 2.5 million dollars," Gourry's mother, an expandable character, read a loud from the newspaper. There was a picture of a girl with shoulder length aqua hair. Her face was hidden with a mask and she seemed shocked to have her picture taken. Great stage pressence.

"Geez, what a girl. I wonder if I could set her up with my son... GOURRY!!! GET UP! IT'S PAST EIGHT!!!"

Various screams could be heard from upstairs. The first one was said son screaming that he was going to be late. The second was the sound of Gourry falling out of bed and triping over the junk in his room. The third was the sound of another scream as Gourry trips again on the bath mat and so on.

"Just a normal day..." Gourry's mother muttered, turning the page. "Oh! Vacation to Australia..."

Let's introduce the star of this fic, shall we? This is Gourry, currently running for his life to school in hopes that he won't get a detention and be made to stand in the hall with either a sign marking his crimes of being tardy or having to hold up two buckets of water. Mostly the both.

Gourry is a seventeen year old student at Tenth Street High. (He went to Juuban Middle School before but he's too old now). You'd think he'd learn after all those detentions to get up early in the morning but noooo. He was a sucker for punishment.

He was a bit oblivious to his surrounding sometimes. Not that he was stuck up, quiet the opposite. He was the cutest, most sensitive guy in the school. It's just that most things like tact just goes over his head. Basically, if it wasn't shoved into his face and explained to him, he tended not to notice.

So that's how he never noticed the cat in the middle of the side walk and promptly stepped on it and continued running. He took this odd moment to comment on how nice today was.

He finally noticed the little black cat he had momentarily stepped on when it had scratched past his pant leg and was halfway through his sock.

"Oh! Hello kitty! You're a pretty little kitty, aren't you?" Gourry, being the cushy hearted and loveable guy that he was (not to mention way late) picked up the cat and promptly began to snuggle it. You know what happens next-

Yup, he get's his face scratched in... That was suppose to happen anyway. Gourry had hugged it so hard that the little black cat had passed out from oxygen withdrawl.

"Oi, what's this?" Gourry wondered to himself and the cat as he tugged at a band aid attached to the cat's forehead.

"Ah, Megami-sama! You have a bald spot! The little kitty has a bald spot! Poor little kitty." The cat having woken up when that bandaid was ripped off her (yes her) forehead. Gourry scratched his head as he thought. A fire truck raced by.

"Maybe the kitty needs Rogaine for women."

"Hammer of Justice!" Before Gourry could think of how to help the cat and it's bald spot, he got whaloped by some unseen force. The cat hopped away to safety and disappeared.

And somewhere in the distance, a bell rang...

"Oh, I'm so hungry..." Gourry whimpered, feeling his stomach growl. He would of eaten his lunch but he was holding up the two buckets with both his hands. He would of put the buckets down to eat his lunch but that would be wrong. He had to take his punishment for being late like a man.

But still... he missed breakfast!

"You're late again!" Gourry's teacher, another expandable person, cried. "No wonder you you got such a bad test score!"

"But I was so late that I missed the test..." Gourry whimpered under the glare of the deamon head.



"Hello, Gourry-sama," Sylphiel said shyly as she sat down next to said boy.

"Hey, Sylphiel," Gourry replied, smiling at his best friend. As soon as greeting were out, he immediately dug into his lunch.

Sylphiel sweat dropped at the sight of her friend making a pig, despite a cute one, out of himself. She was still waiting for the day that he'd turn to look at her and realize that she was the one he was waiting for all his life just like she had.

They'd live in the burbs with five children in a little house that was just right. There were three boys and two girls, all grade A students. Each day, Sylphiel would be the best housewife she could be and at night-

Sylphiel blushed suddenly.


"Bye Sylphiel!" Gourry waved, oblivious to his friend's sudden departure.

Gourry walked home, depressed. Today was a bad one for him. He was late for school, he didn't eat breakfast, he failed a test he didn't even take, his mom only packed him only five courses for lunch, Sylphiel left so suddenly that he couldn't mouch off her. Now he just found out that his favourite manga store was having a one day sale and that he was broke beyond belief.

He passed by the Crown Arcade center. There was a poster in the window advertising a Sailor V game. He stared at it a moment before he continued to walk home, the dim light from the setting sun making orange roads.


"I wish I had a girlfriend just like Sailor V... Heck, I'd even settle for a life like hers. No studying, no test to fail. All you have to do is fight evil. I could fight evil," he mumbled.

He turned the corner and stumbled upon a gang of older boys who stood in a circle around something. Five in all.

"Common! Give us your money," a tough voice ordered.

"Yeah, do it or we'll have no choice but to hurt you," another voice leered.

"Hey, what do you think your doing? Why don't you pick on some one that looks as ugly as you!" a female voice retorted.

Gourry's ears perked up. Female voice in trouble. Those bullies standing there were trying to steal from a probably defenceless girl. He couldn't let that happen.

"I can't let that happen," he said, tapping one of the big guys on the shoulder.

"Well, looky here. Someone who wants to play the hero. Shove off before you get hurt," one of them said.

"I just can't stand bullies," Gourry replied, shaking his head. He dodged a fist that came from behind. The fist sailed past him and hit the person infront of Gourry. He then kicked the attacker and ducked under some more punches headed for his face.

In seconds, the gang was flat on their back in various states of pain. He turned his attention to the person they had been harrassing only moments before. His eyes bugged.

"You're just a little girl!" he cried, pointing to the rapidly steaming 'little' girl.

"I am not a little girl!" the little girl replied. "My name's Lina Inverse and I'm just underdeveloped. How dare you say such a thing!"

"Well, you must be a little girl 'cause you have such little - "

WHAM She clubbed him with his own book bag!

"Itai..." he groaned.

"That's for calling me a little girl among other things, Jellyfish-For-Brains," said the girl. "And another thing, I can take care of myself, that you very much." With that, she left in a huff.

"You welcome, little girl!" Gourry called to the retreating form who just collapsed after hearing that last part.

Unknowingly to the both of them, a little black cat with the bald spot shapped like a five pointed star stared at the long, blond haired boy who was trying to pick himself up.

Somewhere that's not where Gourry is right now, a dark figure keeps a silent vigial over the manga shop.

"I must find the Gorunova..." the figure whispered.

A girl wearing a mauveish brown collared Tenth Street High School uniform enters the shop across from the figure.

Gourry usually comes here after school Sylphiel thought to herself, still a bit embarrassed at thinking... what she thought at lunch.

"Excuse me?" Sylphiel ventured, going up to the counter. The person behind the counter has his back turned away from Sylphiel. In his hands was a manga which he poored over with wild abandon like everyone else in the shop. Every so often he'd giggle.

"Excuse me?" Sylphiel called out again. "I was wonder - EEK!"

"Wow," Gourry mused as he flopped onto his back on his bed. "I've never seen mom so mad before. Just because I missed a test because I was late. I wonder when she's going to Austrailia with dad..."

Gourry soon found himself asleep, dreaming about fighting a monster and rescuing Sailor V. Something seemed off about her. He just couldn't put his finger on it though.

Gourry suddenly woke up when he sensed that he wasn't alone in the room. He was right for once. Standing on the window sil was the little black cat.

"Hello, bald kitty!" he said cheerfully.

"I'm not bald!" the cat replied in annoyance.

"Hey! A cat that talks!" exclaimed Gourry peering closer. "I never met a bald talking cat before. Sugoi!"

"How many times do I have to tell you? Oh, never mind... My name is Amelia. I've been looking for you forever, Gourry Gabrive. Thank you for taking off the Bandaid, I cannot talk when the five pointed star is covered," Amelia said, bowing her head slightly.

"Nice to meet you, Amelia!" Gourry chirped, taking the situation quiet well compared to what a normal person would of done. "I have to have this dream again sometimes. I should go back to sleep now, or is that wake up since I'm alreadly sleeping?"

"This is not a dream!!!" Amelia yelled in frustration, putting her head in her paws.

"I'm not stupid you know," Gourry replied with a raised eyebrow.

Sure fooled me... Amelia thought.

"Fine!" declaired Amelia, deciding to meet this challange head on. "The first time I met you, I wasn't sure you were the one I was looking for. But after seeing you fight for a stranger I just knew you were the one to uphold justice and-" Amelia sprouted multiple sweat drops.

"WAKE UP!" she screamed.

"Wha?" Gourry said, sitting up straighter and looking around. His attention focused on the black cat again. "Wow. A talking cat!"

Amelia resisted the urge to show him how sharp her claws really were. She did a back flip in the air, producing a watch with a circular clock face with a cresent moon on the bottom. Four little circular jems dotted the top, bottom and sides. Set in the background was of the watch was a five pointed star. The wrist band was blue.

Without a moments hesitation, Amelia strapped it on his left wrist.

"Shiny," he mumbled.

"Gourry!" she ordered. "Raise your left hand in the air and say 'Moon Star Prism Power, Make-Up!' Now!"

"I don't want to wear make up yet, I'm too young."

Amelia collapsed.

"Then just say 'Moon Star Prism Power, Transform!'"

"'Kay." Gourry raised his left air in the air obidiantly.

"Moon Star Prism Power, Transform!"

White light engulfed the dim blond. After a fourty-five second transformation sequence, the light receaded. Leaving in it's place was a very pretty looking girl with long blond hair put up in two long pig tails which formed two balls at the top of her head. Set in the center was red jeweled hair clips. A gold tiara with tiny moons curled across her forehead. White hair clips decorated his long bangs.

She had a blue short skirt and a blue sailors collar complete with red bows on her and on her back side. Red was also the colour of her boots and elbo guards which were attatched to long white gloves. A white mask hid her eyes and the broach in the center of the bow on her chest matched the one on Gourry's new watch.

It only too two seconds for the major freak to happen.

"I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL! I'MAGIRL!" cried Gourry, her feminine voice getting shriller every second.

Amelia snickered, "Perhaps you should of said 'Make-Up' after all."

"Not funny! I just wanted to date Sailor V! Not become her! Maybe fight monsters but not as a girl! Wha-? I have breast? I have breast! Change me back! Change me back! Change me back! Change me ba-"

"Help me! Somebody please help me! He's trying to kill me!"

Gourry stopped panicking. That was Sylphiel's voice! The red hair clips projected his friends voice while he could see her panicky face in his- er, her glasses.

"She's in danger! You have to save her," Amelia ordered. "It's the just thing to do!"

"Hai! I recognize this place. It's my favourite manga shop."

"What are you waiting for?! Go!"

"I can't believe I can change into a girl..." she muttered, opening the window and judging how to jump and not break anything.

"I don't like this dream."

"GO!!!" Amelia screamed, pushing Sailor Moon out the window.


A figure stood in the shadows of the manga store, debating whether she should risk her neck out and save that girl in the manga store before the Mazoku would kill her. She adjusted her white mask wondering why she bothered with the thing. Any idiot could recognize her in this thing. She didn't really assert herself in the costume department.

"Stop right there!"

The figure in the shadows stared at the newcommer. So did the lesser Mazoku.

"Who are you?" it demanded, it's voice grating on everones nerves.

"I'm-I'm... gee, I never got that far," the girl said, thinking hard. Everyone that could collapse did so at this moment. "Hey, Amelia? Who am I?"

Amelia hopped unto Gourry's shoulder and began to whisper in her ear.

"I am the Sailor Suited defendered of love and Justice. Such evils like you I shall vanquish, I am Sailor Moon!" she said, doing some fancy arm waving that ended with a victory sign just above her head and another behind her back.

"Ano, Amelia-chan? That was really tacky..." she whispered.

Amelia sighed. Training him/her would take longer than she would of thought.

"Sailor Moon?" the Mazoku echoed. "Never heard of her. Attack her now in the name of the Dark Kingdom, Evil Guys!"

The people that had been reading the mangas suddenly straightened up and began to advance with evil zombie eyes. After taking a few steps towards the blond, they started to turn into the characters from the manga's they were reading. Weapons and all.

"Taste the wrath of fire!" one otaku cried. "Lekken Shien!"

"Rei GUN!"

"Star Sensitive INFERNO!"

"To the dark!"

"Shi Shi Hokudan!"


"Amelia!" Gourry called, starting to panic under all the different attacks he was under. "What do I do? I don't want to hurt them!" A familiar loud noise reached Sailor Moon's ear.

"I'm so hungry..." Her stomach gave another gurgle, this time much more louder than before. Her hair clips began to amplify the sound of her stomach's growling, sending shock vibrations through the store.

"Wow," remarked Amelia, impressed at the damage the shock had sent through out the store. "Her stomach could lay waste the earth... Why should I be proud of that?!"

"What the hell was that?" the Mazoku wondered, shaking it's head. He pointed to Sailor Moon. "Attack her again!"


A huge ball of fire whoshed by and exploded in the middle of the floor, roasting present company, including Sailor Moon.

"Opps..." The figure blushed. "Gomen!"

"Watch it with those!" Sailor Moon gripped, trying to put out the small fire that was burning her skirt.

"Just destroy the Mazoku already, Sailor Moon!" the figure replied from across the room.

"Ano, how?"

"Sailor Moon!" Amelia called out. "Throw your tiara at the Mazoku and say 'Moon Tiara Action'!"

"That sounds so stupid!" Sailor Moon retorted.

"Just do it!" yelled both Amelia and the mysterious figure.

"You don't have to bite my head off! Moon Tiara ACTION!" Sailor Moon threw the golden disk that use to be her tiara. The tiara hit the lesser Mazoku dead center, destroying it's astral plane.


"I can't believe you actually did it," remarked the mysterious figure in amazement. She sighed, "I couldn't find the Gorunova here. It was nice meeting you Sailor Moon." She waved and was about to go.

"Hey! Who are you?" Sailor Moon asked.

"My name isn't all that impor - "

"That's just Lina in a mask," said Amelia, hopping a top Sailor Moon's blond head. She leaned over and whispered, "You know, that girl you saved earlier today?

"Does every one have to know who I am?!" said person cried in frustration.

"Thanks for helping me Lina Inamask!" Sailor Moon said, waving slightly. "Hey! Do you know this person called Lina Inverse? Your names sorta sound a like. Isn't that cool?"

Amelia and Lina face vault.

No way he could be that dumb... they both thought.

"Hey what happened?" Sylphiel wondered, coming too.

Lina disappeared into the shadows while Amelia tugged Sailor Moon away, saying that it'd be better if her identity remained as much of a mystery as possible.

Somewhere in a place very dark and evil...

"This Sailor Moon person is gonna be trouble. Would anybody listen to me? Nooo. They have to do it the hard way," Vrumagun muttered. "She's going to get in the way of our finding the Gorunova... where ever that thing is."

"Wow, that was a really weird dream, Sylphiel," Gourry commented between bites of his sandwich.

"I know. I just wish I could of remembered most of it though," she replied.

"Well, I had a really weird dream too!" Gourry said proudly. Amelia who was sitting next to Gourry got ready to claw him if nessesary.

"Oh? What was it about?" Sylphiel asked.

"Ano, I can't remember... but if I did, it would of been weird!"

Sylphiel and Amelia collapsed respectively.

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