Interlude: Training Day One

(Opening scene of Chibi-Sailor Gourry standing on a pole.)

SAILOR-GOURRY: The moon light shines forth in the abyss of evil. I am the Pretty Sailor Soldier of Justice... (Long pause) Ano, how'd the rest of it go?

(Chibi-Amelia/cat waves a piece of paper from her spot on the ground in one paw, in the other is a megaphone)

CHIBI-AMELIA: SHEESH! How could you forget your own name?

SG: Oh! That's right! I AM Gourry Gabriev!

(Chibi-Amelia clutches her head in her paws)

CA: Gack! Not your real name! Use your Sailor name! And where are those lightning special effects?

(Said belated lightning effects came crashing down behind a rather close Sailor Gourry. She nearly falls off the pole.)

SG: (whimper) I don't think I can do this...

CA: I can't believe you're suck a baby! You'll never make a true Champion of Justice like that!

(Sailor Gourry manages to get her balance back)

SG: Let's give this up, it's starting to lightning.

CA: That's just special effects. Since we don't know who this Sailor V is and what this Lina Inverse wants, you're the only hero - er, heroine - left to count on! The first thing you should know about being a heroine is how to make a good speach against evil!

(As a demonstration, she poses as good as a cat can. Lightning strikes behind her)

SG: Wow... She's good...

CA: NOW! Try it again.

SG: Why do I have to do this?! You're a better speach maker than me!


SG: Erm... The innocent people... Line?

CA: (very annoyed now) The innocent people calls forth the champion of justic...

SG: (also annoyed) The innocent and the evil and everyone else and I also call forth...

CA: I can't hear you!

(Sailor Gourry raises her left fist in the air dramaticly, yet there's a slightly bored look on her face)

SG: In the name of the moon, I shall punnish you-

CA: Put some more feeling into it!

(Sailor Gourry starts waving her arms around, trying not to look as stupid as she felt right now)

SG: I am the Bishounen Senshi... but I'm a girl right now...

CA: Don't worry about that now!

(He raises his fist into the sky to finish off his speach...)

SG: I am Sailor Mo - WHAAAAHHHH!

(... and he gets struck down by the background lightning. He then falls off the pole in a crispy mess. Amelia pads up to his prone body and pokes him)

CA: Ano, Gourry-san? Are you okay? Gourry-san?!

SG: Itaiiii....

CA: Good! You're still alive. You know the saying - 'If at first you don't succed - "

SG: Chase the cat until she agrees to no more training!


(And she does just that)

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