In The Case Of Zelgadis Greywers ...

Zelgadis Greywers, man of stone,
Yet so fragile and splintered like bone,
Forever searching the world for a cure,
Until which, inhuman form must he endure.

Forever so silent, forever so grim,
Nothing can get underneath his skin.
A heart of stone? Perhaps, perhaps.
So much easier to hide his life's mishaps.

He sits in the corner, out of the way
From emotions he'd rather keep well at bay,
He stares down, into his drink,
The small little swirls making him think.

He thinks of curses, of cures, of hearts,
Of what he'd do, if he'd part,
From those who have become a family,
With tracings more convolute than any tree.

He finds a reason he will always stay,
A ray of light, the bless'd day,
That cuts right through depression and mope,
Enters his heart and gives him hope.

If he can find the right elixir,
One thing of two that he holds dear,
Maybe then he can show affection,
Maybe then make his supreme defection,

From emotionless shell with no feeling,
To a heart from which the flesh is peeling.
Maybe one day Zel-kun'll cure his state,
But skin of stone! Such teasing bait...^_~

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