In The Case Of Xellos Metallium ...

Purple hair frames a face of fun,
The darkness hiding behind the sun.
I smile, I cheer, I play along,
Until I can scald with burning tong.

Why do I do it, I hear you say,
Why did I become this way?
Was it a choice? Was it a dare?
Was it simply lack of care?

But I hide the reason much much deeper,
Be my own heart's reclusive keeper.
This secret of mine will not be shared,
Never betted, never bared.

Blind fury is the simple reason,
That awful, wicked mental season,
Caused me to make a moment's glance,
Away from danger and into trance.

Power to recover, power to mend,
Power to break and power to bend,
The evil side now inhabits this shell,
My soul is dying but my body well.

Within this form I now am cursed,
Until such time my debt's reimbursed,
And for demons that's a long long wait,
So I had to rise above the bait.

And now evil has gripped my soul,
And opened up a gaping hole.
And where's the true me inside this mess?
Sadly, sore wa himitsu des...

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