Chapter One

It was a cold and windy night. The moon was full and beautiful. The stars were shining brightly. Sadly, the moon and the star filled sky would soon vanish due the incoming storm clouds. The Slayers were in an abandon cabin in the woods. Lina turned away from the window and looked around the room. Zelgadis was by the fire enjoying a cup of tea.

Amelia was sleeping on the hardwood floor by Zelgadis, her head resting on Zelgadis's lap. Amelia, though she was asleep, was smiling as if she was in heaven, or at least dreaming it.

Gourry and Sylphiel were sitting on the couch by the other window. They were holding hands. Gourry was staring deeply into Sylphiel's eyes with intense passion and care that was shining like a beacon in the blue sea of his eyes. Sylphiel was returning his look with love and happiness glowing in her eyes.

Why did she have come back, thought Lina? She stared out into the starry night sky. Lina was depressed because it seems that Sylphiel wanted to lose her maidenhood with Gourry. Those two were spent a lot of time together, and Lina wasn't sure that if Gourry had or had not taken Sylphiel's virtue yet.

The wind battered against the glass windows of the cabin. Lina wondered if she'd be sleeping on a bed or not. There were only four beds in the old, dusty cabin. If Sylphiel didn't sleep in a bed, Lina could sleep in one, but if Sylphiel didn't sleep on her own bed, Sylphiel would spent the night in Gourry's arms.

Lina looked at the old fireplace, to try and forget about her recent problems. Lina was amazed that the old fireplace was still working. The night was very cold. Thank L-sama that there is some heat in this old cabin, thought Lina.

Lina went back to look out the window again. Something white hit the window. More white dots hit the window. It was snowing outside. In five minutes, the mountain was blanketed by one inch of snow. Lina turned around and looked at her friends.

Zelgadis had picked up Amelia and placed her on a bed. He was wrapping a thick gray wool blanket around Amelia's shivering form. Lina then looked in Gourry's direction and grew angry at the sight that disgusted her.

Sylphiel's back was leaning on Gourry's chest. Sylphiel's head was on Gourry's shoulder. Sylphiel was trembling. Was it because it was cold in the cabin or was it because Gourry had wrapped a thick blue wool blanket around Sylphiel and himself, Lina couldn't tell which one it was.

Lina's knees weakened. Lina's face drained of all color. Lina almost fainted at this scene that fate was playing in front of her. Her heart felt as if Gourry cut it out with his Sword of Light. This was the most pathetic period in Lina's life.

The man that ruled her dreams was entwined with another woman. As she stared at them, she felt the life drain out of her. She wanted to scream, voicing her agony to the world. But she didn't make a noise.

Lina felt something very cold run down her cheek. Her hand touched her cheek and felt that her cheek was wet. Lina realized that she was crying. She turned around to hide her face. Lina knew that Zelgadis could see her tears, but she didn't care. As long as Gourry and Sylphiel couldn't see her tears, she didn't mind.

Zelgadis put his hand on Lina's shoulder. "Lina, we could use more firewood from the log pile outside," said Zelgadis. He knew that Lina was crying because the man she loved was in love with someone else.

How strange that Zelgadis pity Lina more than any other tortured creature in the world. Lina has silently endured watching Gourry and Sylphiel. Though Zelgadis was cursed with a chimera body, Lina seemed to saddest member of the team now. There might be a cure for my hideous form, but there will be no cure for Lina's shattered heart, thought Zelgadis.

Zelgadis turned and stared at the slumbering figure on the bed in the corner. Amelia was sleeping soundly. I am thankful that I have Amelia to care for, even though I can't confess it to her, Zelgadis mentally told himself.

What did Zelgadis say? Lina couldn't hear him. The only thing she heard was firewood. Then it hit her; he was talking about the fire. Lina realized that Zelgadis was giving her a chance to stop crying so Gourry and Sylphiel wouldn't find out about her tears. Lina nodded and went to the door. Lina open the door and great gust of wind and snow entered the one room cabin for a brief moment. Lina exit the cabin shutting the door behind her.

Zelgadis was left in the room with a sleeping Amelia and the happy couple. Zelgadis decide he should go to sleep since there was nothing to do.

"Gourry dear, I think Lina is lonely," said Sylphiel. "Yeah. I think you're right. Lina been depressed since we became a couple," said Gourry. "I think we should set her up with someone," said Sylphiel. "Hey Zel. Would you like to Lina's boyfriend," asked Gourry.

Gourry is so blind. Didn't Gourry know that Lina wants him not me, Zelgadis pondered? "That like asking me if I wanted to be tormented by Lina for the rest of my life," said Zelgadis. "So you'll do it," Gourry said. I'm forgetting whom I'm talking to, Zelgadis remind himself. "No, I will not," said Zelgadis.

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