Chapter Two

Lina was standing in front of the log pile outside in the backyard of the cabin. A floating globe of light hovered above her. The wind and snow battered her face as she picked up more wood. She had stop crying for quite some time now. At least some of the color in her face returned. She took her time because she was in no rush to see the happy couple.

Lina was glad that the tears that streamed down her face a few minutes ago didn't turn into a layer of ice on her cheek. She couldn't stand being around those two lovebirds. She felt that her heart was ripped out and thrown away every time she saw them.

The cold penetrated Lina's clothes, and continued through her flesh, and chilled her bones. I have to go back before I become a block of ice, Lina told herself. She carried the wood in her arms and started back to the cabin, the floating globe of light following her.

"Lina been gone for too long," said Gourry. Sylphiel had fallen to sleep in Gourry's arms. Gourry feared that Lina was in trouble and he had to go to her now. He tried to get up without waking up Sylphiel, but she woke up anyway. "Gourry dear, what wrong," she asked her boyfriend.

"Lina is missing. It taking so long for her to come back," said Gourry. "Shall I wake up Zelgadis and Amelia," asked Sylphiel. "No, I'll handle this," said Gourry.

Gourry put on his armor and grab hold of his sword. The couple walked to the door and opened it. Like Lina, the weather hit them hard. Gourry step outside and then Sylphiel spun him around. They shared passionate kiss. "I love you Gourry," said Sylphiel. "I love you too," said Gourry. Somehow, Gourry felt he was saying those words to the wrong person. He then heard the sound of many log blocks falling down.

Lina could see the door open. She saw the kiss and heard the words that followed. Lina had died a hundred deaths when she heard those words. The world around Lina shattered. The globe of light vanished, leaving Lina in a world of shadows. The only light Lina could see was the light from the open cabin door. The only thing she could clearly see was Sylphiel and Gourry.

Lina try to fight back the tears but couldn't stop them. Lina realized that there was no way that she would ever get Gourry now. Lina collapse on the field of snow, a few yards away from Gourry and Sylphiel.

Her body refused to move. Her limbs felt as heavy as logs. Let cold death take me and put me out of my misery, Lina wished. Her eyes slowly shut. She blacked out moments before Gourry found her. She was barely alive and frozen stiff.

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