Chapter Three

Lina woke up in the cabin. Her body felt stiff and weak. Gourry was sitting on the bedside. He was crying over her. "Gourry, don't be sad, what wrong," asked Lina. "I was too slow to save you," said Gourry. Then he stopped crying. "Lina, you're wake," said Gourry. "How else would I be talking to you if I wasn't," said Lina. Gourry paused and wondered if that was possible. "I would hit you right now, but I can't move. How long have I been out," asked Lina.

"Three days," said Amelia's voice. Then she saw Amelia come into view. "Gourry been watching you since he brought you in," said Amelia. "Sylphiel and the others couldn't heal you. They said your body rejected the healing because you wanted to died so much," said Gourry. "Yeah, you didn't started to get better until Gourry kept talking to you as if your wake," said Amelia.

"What happen to you Miss Lina," asked Amelia. "I saw Gourry and Sylphiel tell each other that they loved each other. Amelia, can I talk to Gourry alone," asked Lina. Amelia got the picture; of course Gourry was still in the fog. Amelia went outside to tell the others that Lina had woke up from her deep slumber that left her in bed for so long. "Gourry, I'll be fine by tonight," said Lina. "Good, we be traveling on the road by tomorrow," said Gourry. "Without me," added Lina. "What are you talking about," asked Gourry. Gourry panicked. "I thought you said you'll be okay Lina," said Gourry. "I will be," said Lina.

Lina was depress that she will be leaving the others and Gourry behind. Must I say good bye, Lina asked herself. This is the right choice, thought Lina. I must forget Gourry Gabriev. I have to say good bye, Lina told herself. Lina felt a small part of herself was telling her that she was stupid, and that you never forget him. This was so painful to say.

"Gourry, after today, if I see you again, I'll hit you with a Dragon Slave," said Lina. "But why, Lina," asked Gourry. "Because I don't want to see you again," said Lina.

Gourry was crushed. He left the cabin. The others came rushing up to him. Even Filia and Xelloss came when they found out Lina was hurt a few days ago. "Can we see Lina," asked Filia. The others started to fear for Lina's health when they saw Gourry's face full with shock and sadness.

"Lina is going to traveling alone as soon as she heals up," said Gourry. "What? Why," asked Xelloss. "Because she hates me. She hates me because I failed to protect her," said Gourry.

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