Chapter Four

Amelia sat at Lina's bedside. She bought fish and cheese for Lina to eat. She also bought some sake for Lina to drink. Lina eat half of the fish and took a bite of cheese. When Amelia realized that Lina hadn't eaten all the food on her plate, but instead played with her food, she became concern.

"Lina, what's wrong," asked Amelia. Lina stared at Amelia for a few seconds, and then she started to weep. She couldn't handle it anymore. Amelia never saw Lina like this before. "Lina, stay with us. I don't want you traveling alone like this," pleaded Amelia. "Amelia, it for the better," said Lina. Amelia understood that Lina didn't want to talk about it any longer. Amelia didn't bring up the subject again after that.

Later, that night, the Slayers threw Lina a fare well party at the cabin. They got fish for a nearby frozen pond and ale from Xelloss. The others didn't really want to ask Xelloss where he got that. Of course Filia asked where it came from, but Xelloss said, " that is a secret." Zelgadis didn't want to drink the ale, but after Amelia started to glare daggers at him because he was ruining the party, he drunk some. When Filia realized the ale wasn't drugged, she tried some.

Filia got drunk and went to bed early. So did Xelloss. Xelloss place a floating curtain to hide himself from the others. Amelia and Zelgadis got little tipsy and passed out together on one bed. Only Lina, Gourry, and Sylphiel didn't drink at the party. Lina sat alone at the window out through party. Gourry was depressed about Lina soon departure from his life. Sylphiel try to comfort Gourry but failed. Sylphiel soon fell asleep.

Lina continued to sit alone by the window. Was she crying, thought Gourry? Gourry saw a tear run down Lina's face. He wanted to go and comfort her, but he was too scared what Lina might do to him after she made that threat.

Gourry looked around the cabin saw that everyone was asleep except for him and Lina. Suddenly, Amelia fell out of her and Zelgadis's bed. Lina and Gourry looked in Amelia's direction. When Lina saw it was only Amelia, she went back to looking at the outside through the window again.

Amelia looked up and saw Mr. Gourry sitting on the couch. He looked sad, so she thought she go and cheer him up. Too bad that Amelia wasn't sober yet and she tripped over herself. She finally made it to the couch. "What is wrong, Mr. Gourry," asked Amelia in a drunken voice, with a breath to match.

Gourry watched Amelia sit on the couch, and caught her when she almost fell off. Gourry sat her firmly on the couch before letting her go. "What is wrong, Mr. Gourry," Amelia repeated herself.

"I'm depressed because Lina hates me for not protecting her," said Gourry. "She doesn't hate you because of that, stupid," said Amelia. "Whoa Amelia. That ale really loosen your tongue didn't," said Gourry. "She hates you for loving Miss Sylphiel, not her," said Amelia. After she uttered those words, she passed out.

The news of Lina love for him shocked Gourry. Gourry was about to go and talk to Lina when Amelia passed out. He carried Amelia to the bed in the corner. He laid her on top of Zelgadis. When he turned around, Lina was in last empty bed, trying to go to sleep. She was huddle in her blanket, shivering ever so slightly.

He was about to talk to her, when he decided against it. Last time he interrupted her sleep, he was reward with a fireball and a few good punches in the gut. He'll talk to her in the morning.

He went to where Sylphiel was sleeping and lay in bed with her, the woman he loved, right. He begun doubting the love between him and Sylphiel, and not for the first time either. Gourry quickly fell asleep.

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