Chapter Five

Lina watch Gourry crawl into Sylphiel's bed. She started to cry again. She couldn't help it. Her heart felt empty as she watched Gourry. She wanted to die. She decided to leave tomorrow without waking anyone else.

As Lina predicted, she was okay for travel by the next morning. Lina was the first to wake up. After Lina had breakfast, which was last night's leftovers, she packed up her things and left before anyone else woke up.

She sneaked out and left the others without saying a word. She walked down the snow covered forest road. She was walking down a valley. Her eyes were so full of tears that she didn't realize that she stepped on some loose rocks. The earth beneath her gave away and she tumbled down the valley. Lina was pinned under some huge rocks. She was try to stay wake, but the cold from the snow and the wound on her head made it impossible to stay awake long.

From the distance, a bandit leader and his three fellow bandits saw this and saw this as easy prey.

Gourry sense something was wrong. He sat up in bed. Sylphiel fell out of bed. Lina was gone. He knew that she was in trouble. He grabbed his sword and rushed out the door. Sylphiel blinked a few times and then she realized that Gourry forgot something. She grabbed the forgotten article and chase Gourry. Sylphiel slammed the door behind her.

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