Chapter Six

Zelgadis woke up because the Sylphiel slammed the door too loud. Zelgadis sat up and Amelia fell out of bed. Zelgadis glance at Filia and froze up. Amelia stood up rubbing her head.

Amelia was about to say something, but after seeing what Zelgadis saw. She decided to be quiet. Oh, Miss Filia is going to be mad when she wakes up, thought Amelia.

Filia stirred. She opened her eyes and felt something was amiss. Someone was under the cover with her and holding her, and her clothes were missing. It was Xelloss and his clothes were missing too. She screamed, but nothing came out of her throat. Someone must have cast a silent spell. She dispelled it and woke up the mazoku.

"What have you done to me you raw garbage," said Filia. "As I remember it Filia, you cast the silent spell on the bed and dragged me to the bed. I just threw up the curtain to hide us," Xelloss interrupted. Filia tried to remember the party and she got vague memory of what happened. Xelloss was telling the truth. "Well you seduce me," said Filia.

"You the one who telling me you loved me remember," said Xelloss. "You drugged the ale with love potion didn't you," said Filia. "Then why Amelia and Zelgadis not here. Face it, you got drunk and did what you really wanted to do," said Xelloss smirking. Filia was mad. How couldn't she have let this happen? This was a secret that she is taking to the grave.

She looked side wards and notice that the curtain was open and Zelgadis and Amelia were staring at them. She just wanted to die. She put her head under the covers and prayed that this was a nightmare that she would soon awaken from. "I love you too, Filia," whispered Xelloss. Xelloss hugged her, and she hates to admit it, but it felt little comfortable.

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