Chapter Seven

Lina unleash a fireball and destroyed two of the four bandits. That was all the power she could muster. The bandits clear away the rocks that pinned her down. Sadly, she was too weak from her injuries to do anything else but watch.

They pulled her out and started to remove her armor. Lina knew that they were going to rape her. She was powerless to stop them. She swung her fist at them, but it was hardly affecting them. She could throw attacks, but they didn't have any power in them. She started to cry. Then she stopped crying, when she realized the bandits stop trying to remove her armor.

They charged a figure and lost their lives as the figure's sword cut through their flesh with two masterful strokes. "Lina," the figure called out to her. It was Gourry. "Gourry," Lina cried out in joy.

Tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks. Before, she prayed to let death take her. She wanted to slumber forever, dreaming of what might have been. Seeing Gourry now only made her realized how much she truly loved him. She vowed that she would steal Gourry from Sylphiel no matter what the cost. I will tell him how I feel when we are back at the cabin, Lina decided.

Gourry picked her up. "I love you," said Lina. She blushed. Lina was embarrassed. How could I have blurted that out, thought Lina?

"Lina, I love you too. I always loved you, it just taken me this long to realize that," said Gourry. They kissed. They had to break the kiss so they could breath. "Lina, I love you. Even though you have small breast," said Gourry. Lina smacked him on the head.

"I love you Gourry Gabriev, but don't insult my body again," screamed Lina. "I love you too Lina Inverse, and I intend never to let you go," said Gourry. Finally Gourry felt he said 'I love you,' to the right person. Lina was so happy. Tears of joy filled her eyes. She hugged him. She buried her face into his shoulder.

Then Lina blushed as she realized something. "Gourry, aren't you little cold," asked Lina. "Yes, I am. Why do you ask," replied Gourry. "Because you forgot your shirt," said Lina.

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