Part 2

Gourry looked worridly at the clock. Amelia paced and Sylphiel remained quiet. Zelgadis was worried about Lina and ready to attack Xelloss if he hurt her. Everyone jumped as Xelloss materialized in front of them.

"Where is she!?" Zelgadis asked, grabbing Xelloss by his collar. Xelloss smiled sadly.

"Gone." He stated simply. Zelgadis dropped Xelloss in shock.

"What did you say?" He growled.

"She's gone, and we've got trouble, getting her back is not going to be easy." Xelloss said solemly plopping down in a chair. Amelia looked at Xelloss in shock, as did Gourry and Sylphiel. "She's been kidnapped." Xelloss said, looking up to watch the look of surprise on everyones face. Gourry suddenly laughed.

"That's funny Xelloss, now really, where is she?" Everyone looked at Gourry as if he'd gone insane, which he did. "Lina would never leet herself be kidnapped!" Gourry smiled. Everyone sweat-dropped.

"No Gourry, she's gone." Xelloss said.

"NO! She isn't gone!" Gourry yelled. He grabbed his sword and stalked out the door.

"Gourry dear!" Sylphiel cried, running after him. Amelia looked at the door worridly, then sat down.

"What happened?" Zelgadis asked Xelloss, eyeing him carefully. "And if you answer with that 'sore wa himitsu desu' crap, i'll kill you right here." Zelgadis threatened.

"Mr. Zelgadis!" Amelia gasped. Zelgadis ignored her.

"Well?" Xelloss chuckled at the chimera's antics, then he became serious, his face set in a stone, unreadable expression. "We have another enemy. Two actually. Another dark lord." Xelloss paused. Zelgadis' eyes widened in disbelief. Amelia let out a strangled cry. "From what I have found out, this was one of Lord Shabranigdo's servants who disobeyed him and wanted to overcome Shabranigdo and let all hell run lose. The one who kidnapped Lina and informed me of this hidden dark lord was his servant, Xailer. He has plans for Lina, so does his master." Xelloss informed the two. Amelia looked like she was ready to cry. Zelgadis growled under his breath.

"How can we beat them without Miss Lina, Mr Xelloss?" Amelia questioned. Xelloss shrugged.

"Let's get going, if we're ever going to find her, it won't be sitting here." Zelgadis said, standing up. Xelloss nodded and he and Amelia stood up and headed out the door.

After they rounded up Gourry and Sylphiel, they began walking in the woods, where Xelloss had once saw Lina.

"It was right about here, in this area, everybody spread out and search for clues." Xelloss said. They nodded and began looking.

"Xelloss, didn't you say you were always able to track us because of Lina's demon blood talismans?" Zelgadis questioned. Xelloss nodded. "Then why can't you just track her down?" He asked. Xelloss shook his head.

"It's not that easy. She's not even on this plane or the astral plane, otherwise i'd be able to sense her. So she has to be on another plane, one that I can't find easily. There are too many planes to search through, it could take centuries to find the right one. We'll have to wait till Xailer appears again." Xelloss explained. Zelgadis nodded. Suddenly, they heard Amelia scream.

"Amelia.." Zelgadis whispered, before sprinting towards her screams. Xelloss, Gourry, and Sylphiel were close behind. When they came to Amelia, they saw her pinned on her back to the ground. A hooded figure in a black cloak held a sword to her kneck, while her foot kept Amelia pinned down. "Amelia!" Zelgadis yelled. "Ra Tilt!" He through it at the figure, but it dissapeared. Amelia struggled into a sitting position, her breathing labored. Zelgadis came over to her and helped her stand, bringing her to the rest of the group. They all looked around them. Suddenly, the figure came back, this time attacking Gourry.

"Gourry dear!" Sylphiel yelled as Zelgadis pulled her out of the way. Gourry whipped out his sword and slashed it out at the figure. It hit it's shoulder and the figure landed in a crouched position on the floor. No one dared to move. Amelia was going crazy, she had to put an end to this mysterious figure.

"Diem wing!" She yelled. The figure shielded it's eyes, but the gust of wind blew it's hood off. Everyone gasped.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A cliff hanger, ne? As if you can't tell who it is.... sigh, for those of you who can't telll, I really pitty you. It's okay though, that means your slow like me! =^_^=;; And yeah know it's short, but, oh well!!!!

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