Part Four: The Typo Menace

Ficcy author one: what was the point of this?

Ficcy author two: I have no idea.....

FA1; we could just leave them like this

FA2: *giggles evily*


BR: *smiles* Bink you say? *grinz*


Silk: *looks around, spots a creature of legend, the much feared and abhorred TYPO-FIEND!* ara... guys..

Ficcy author one: NONONOOOOOOO!

Ficcy author two: the horror!

*both authors pull fricken' huge spiritual hammers and proceed to pound the miscreant into a bloody pulp*

BR: awwwww...Poor puppy..and it was so kawaii too *poutz*

Ficcy author two: *LOL*...It was kind of kawaii...^_^

FA1: I. Don't. Care.!!

Bink: *summoned by the typo, holding a bunch of Bananas* did someone call? I thought we could make some pina coladas...


Bink: *grins evily* ^_^ Fine, if that's how you feel about it, I'll just go some place where I'm more appriecated! *turns to stomp off, and slams his face into a very hard surface* Hi Zel. *rubs his nose* want a banana?

Zel: *sweatdrop*....Ask the fruitcake...

Xel: *big hentai, fruitcakey grin*....Banana??...What kind of banana..*gets mobbed by the two frantic Avatars*

Moniker: HENTAI DESU YO!!!!!!!!!

Phoe: FRUITCAKE...DON't. Even. Go. There

Xel: *poutz* you are no fun!

Bink:...*sweatdrops and disappears* later losers!

Phoe:...That was a close one...

Moniker...Your telling me *a banana peal suddenly falls on Monikers head*....ACKKKK!!!! *runs around, SDing*


Zel: *removes the banana peal from Monikers head* what was THAT all about?

Phoe: Peal-phobia...Just don't ask

Moniker: *wipes away the sweat from her forehead*

Phoe; that was an interesting trip into OC-ville *sweatdrop*

BR: *re-reads the last bit* What. Was. That?

Ficcy author one: shouldn't we get back to the plot?

Ficcy author two: *grins* plot? what plot?

BR: Oh brother......

Zelgadis: that line seems oddly familar...

Xellos: *big evil fruitcakish grin*

Phoe: Doh!

Tarou: *Hides behind Silk* pant, pant...ah...lost him.

Xellos: *Notices his quarry* Hhhmmm... panting. *big grin*

Silk & Tarou: ANO! *Tarou cowers further behind Silk*

Duo: (screams) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (suddenly stops) oops, another false alarm, my bad.

Xellos: *Takes a flying leap glomp, getting Silk and Tarou in one big ecchi embrace*

Tarou: not again

Silk: ECCHI! *starts glowing green*

Minna: *begin construction of a bunker*

Moniker & Phoenix: *distibute hardhats to everyone*

Ribbon: eeh... this could be bad...

Silk: *flings Tarou out of the way, tossing him into the far wall, leaving another kawaii bishounen dent next to Zel and Val's* EVIL HENTAI FRUITCAKE OBLITERATION! *momentarily manifests a weird scepter and a sailor fuku*

Xel: eep...

Silk: *Chi blasts the fruitcake in a glorious explosion of emerald green fireworks*

Bink: *sits up on the rafters watching the fun with a pair of 3D glasses and a Pina Colada*..Ooooohh, aaahhhh, pretty fire-works!

*the smoke clears, but rather than a single puddle of purple goo, there are fifty chibi Fruitcakes of Doom, laughing kOwaiily in unison*

Phoenix: that's it...

Moniker: we're doomed...


*everyone scatters*

Nezuumi: its the apocalypse!

*Weird song from Utena Revolutionary Girl starts playing*

Ficcy author two: *starts singing along*

BR: *joins her and does his best shadow-girl impersonation*

Ficcy author one: *smashes the player with a grin*

FA2&BR: Hey! *pout*

*All the chibis open their eyes, and attack the helpless minna, terrifying all with their ecchi ways and kicking up a large dustcloud in the process*

Moniker & Phoenixfeather: *hang from the rafters above the madness*

Bink: *waves down at the pair* Hi!! Want to join me for a Pina Colada?

Moniker: *ignores him* This is all your fault!

Phoenix: NO! its your fault!

Moniker: You're pointing

Phoenix: AM NOT!

Moniker: you would be if you weren't hanging from the rafter like a demented bat trying to escape sure death by dustcloud fight!

Phoenix: look who's talking....*accepts a Pina Colada from Bink*

Moniker: *Sweatdrop*

FA1: where'd the rafters come from?

FA2: just go with it!

Beta-reader: You two are just SO immature

FA1&2: Are not!!! :p~~~~~~~~~

*the dustcloud clears, revealing a pile of throughly trashed minna except the infamous three bishounen who are standing back to back, faces petrified in terror, surrounded by the rampaging pack of Chibi Xellos, all eyes open and laughing evily*

Xellos: (in unison) finally, we have you right where we want you! Bwahahaha!(tm)

3 bishounen: O.O *GULP!*

Nezuumi: @_@ eeehh, ouchie... is that? *eyes focus and she sees the hoard of Xelloses* must be a nightmare...please...? *slumps back into unconscienceness*

Filia: uurgh... no fair escaping like that! *Attempts to mace the chibi Xels circling her head, but only suceeds in bashing Ribbon*

Ribbon: Hey! what was that for? *starts glowing*

Moniker: Silk's still out... this could be bad.

Phoenix: mmmmmmmm......chaos......yummy! ^__^

Moniker: you are no help.



Goblin sappers(Warcraft II): ah.... it's beautiful!

Ficcy author two: you and your stupid Warcraft!(tm) *pouts*

FA1: what can you do?

Beta-reader: You can turn off that damn game while we work on this, the last time you had it on the poor orcs got glomped by all the Naga-chibis

FA2: Is that such a bad thing?

FA1: So THATS where those little hanging dolls came from!

*The pile of crispy minna becomes the airborne scattered fried minna, falling at random, but none manage to hit the chibis or the 3 hapless bishounen*

Moniker: huh?

Phoenix: PLOT DEVICE! PLOT DEVICE! *grinz*

Moniker: Plot? what plot?

Azusa:(sings) here we go again!

Minna: *stops in mid fall and sweatdrops, then drops to the floor*

FA2: back to the PLOT!

FA1&BR: *raises a eyebrow, spock fashion* (in unison) I won't say it!

FA2: :p~~~~~~~

*by now, the chibi xels have tied the stunned bishounen to the floor, but Xellos has reformed into his original fruitcakey self*

Xellos: Come on guys, it'll be fun!

3 bishounen: *turn blue, well in Zelgadis' case, bluer*

Xellos: I won't hurt you TO much!

*for no apparent reason, it begins raining lemons*

BR: Lemons?

FA2: *evil grin* What else would it be?

BR: Watermelons

FA2: Maybe bananas.........^_^ *thinks evil thoughts*

FA1: Why is everyone always picking on me!!...Wait..Don't answer

FA2&BR: *looks at eachother evily then glances over at FA1*

FA1: *sweatdrop*

to be continued... (you know the drill)

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