Writers's Notes

Okay, this is randoness. if you don't like utter sillyness, then don't read this, as it has No Plot and doesn't even have the satifaction of being a lemon.

FA2: *pouts* it was THIS [] close!

FA1: ANYWAY.... there are a whole mess of OC's and characters from things you may or may not have seen/read/heard of etc.

FA2: okay, lets see....

FA1: *clamps her hand over the other author's mouth* one point for every series you can positivly identify that we used, or made references to. bonus if you get them all. (including camoes and obscure moments) one point for identifying whose OCs are whose ^_^

Bonus Points: guess which is Ficcy author one and Ficcy Author two! (not that it's that hard)

FA2: WARNING!! Everyone is really OOC, so don't flame us for that

Glossary of terms:
Kawaii: cute
Kowaii: scary
hentai: pervert
ecchi: pervert
taihen: Extremely, veryveryvery, way muchos!
- tachi: on the end of a words, specifies plural
honto: truly!
Itai: it hurts!
Minna: everyone
Bishounen: pretty boy(s)
Baka: idiot!
Yarou: bastard (normally after baka)
Namagomi: 'raw trash'
Manga: japanese comic books
OC: Original Character
OOC: Out of character
Pixi stiks: pure, colored sugar: fastest way to get hyper known to man or anime!
^_^: self explanatory
^_^v: Victory!

Character list (OC's only)

Nezuumi: mad as hell half-elf with a grudge against Xellos. spells include Soul Rip, Aura burn and few other nasty Mazoku-burger makers. Carries a magic amplifier (Bow of Light)

Lyara: ... *sweatdrop* is currently undergoing a slight character change... never mind. -_-

Ribbon: hotheaded martial artist from Ranma-verse. Silk's younger sister. specializes in massively destructive chi attacks and has a large manga collection

Silk: healer/martial artist from Ranma verse. specializes in pressure points. Ribbon's older sister and guardian. Can summon kickass chi attack when pissed. (uncontrolled, though)

Bink: Evil Demi-god from non Anime place, always exploits Monikers Fear of banana peals

Zacchi: ^_^ Random Hyper, sugar happy OC. just.. don't ask.

Not an OC, but...

Pantyhose-Tarou (referred to as Tarou): a Ranma 1/2 villain cursed to change into a flying mintotaur with wings and tentacles when splashed with cold water. pretty evil, and really kawaii, so Xellos likes him... of course! ^_^

now, on to the fic! ^_^v

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