Part 1


This is based off of a movie called Heaven Can Wait.

Zelgadiss Greywords was getting pretty tired.Funny, he was happy that he had found his cure but was sorta missing it at this particular moment. Lina was busy fighting her own fight,so were Amelia and Gourry. Zel ducked and rooled to avoid getting his head chopped off. This guy was pretty strong. But he wasn't as good as Zel when it came to sword play Then Zel's oponent brought his sword up, an opening! Just as the guy's sword came down, Zel made a good lunge for the guys heart.

Zelgadiss Greywords found himself in a really white place. The ground was soft but not compleatly unstable, and there was this fairly thick fogg about. Zel looked around himself.

"Coming Zelgadiss?" Asked a voice behind him. Zel tuned to see who it was. He saw a guy standing a few feet away from him dreesed in a black suit.

He wasn't there a few secondss ago... Zel thought to himself. "Who...Who are you?" He asked putting his hands on his sword.

"I'm here to acompany you to the Pass Gate."He replied. This was when Zel relized that this guys voice didn't echo and his did. Funny.

"Pass Gate? What for?

"Well everyone has to go through the Pass Gate sometime and your sometime is now." The man said, then made a gesture ."Shall we go?"

"Whoa... Who are you?!" Zel repeated.

"I am Mr. Philips," he told him. "Shall we go?"

"All right 'Mr. Philips' where am I ?"

"You arrre a little bit aways from the Pass Gate." Mr.Philips said getting a bit agitated.

"Right, right. You said that befor. But where is this 'Pass Gate'?"

"Why it's between heaven and earth. You see in order for you to get to heaven you need to go through the Pass Gate. So, shall we be off noe?" Zel's mouth dropped.

No way! I can't be dead!!! Zel thought.

"Are you coming?"

"No way, you see." Zel put a hand to his chest. "I'm not supposed to be here! It's not my time!!! So if you would be so kind as to put me back down to earth..."

"But of course it's your time. Everyone has a time eventually. Now come on!"


"What seems to be the problem?" Asked another voice behind Zel. Zelgadiss turned around to see a second man in a suit walking towards him. Not another one! Zel was getting annoyed at these guys.

"Now who are you?" He sighed.

"My name is Mr. Clark. I'm the head person around here." Then he turned to Philips. "What seems to be the problem here. The Pass Gate is being held up because of you."

"This young man here won't go. He says that this isn't his time and he is not supposed to be her at all and he won't go anywhere untill he knows for sure." Mr. Philips told him.

"Hmmm... I see. Well were just going to have to see about that now aren't we. Just wait here." Mr. Clark walked over to a white table that Zel didn't see before. He picked up a whit thing that went frome his ear down to his mouth. But what was really weird was that when Mr. Clark talked into it he 'thought' he was getting an answer.

"Hello, get me the cheif...Yeah...I would like to know when a Zelgadiss Greywords... Zelgadiss Greywords?...Sure, Z-E-L-G-A-D-I-S-S" Zel put his face into his hands. "Got it so far?...G-R-E-Y-W-O-R-D-S...Anyways, I would like to know when he is due to enter into the Pass Gate... All right then thank you." He put the white thing down and walked back over to where the others were standing.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Greywords but it seems that you are not due to come back here for quite some time now." Mr. Clark glared acusingly at Mr. Philips.

"I...I... Well it looked like it would have hurt real bad and....well..."

"You mean you took me out before anything happend?!?!? I would have killed him?!" Zel cried. Mr. Clark nodded.

"Philips, you took the wrong guy." Mr. Clark turned to Zel. "You'll have to excuse Philips here, you see this is his second assingment..."

"You mean to tell me you guys gave me a greeny!!!"

"Well everyone has to begin sometime right? And Philips here needed a chance to prove himself to be a receiver, but as things turned out the way they did he is going to have to undo what he did to be one." Mr. Clark said, then he turned to Mr. Philips. "You will go back with Mr. Greywords here and make sure he gets back into his own body okay." Now he addressed Zelgadiss. "We are so very sorry about the mistake Mr. Greywords. Philips, please undo what you did, now!"

Zel and Mr. Philips came to a bon fire type thing. The first thing Zel saw was Amelia sitting on her knees, hands over her face and her shoulders shaking from her sobs. Gourry stood by her leaning slightly on his sword, which was in front of him; silent tears trickled down his cheeks. Zel looked around for Lina but couldn't find her. Then he spotted something in the shadows. Zel walked over to find that it was Lina, she had raped her cape around her as if she was cold and she held something too. Zel looked a little closer to see what it was.

That's my sword! Then he noticed something else about her. She was crying! The tears streamed down her cheeks like rainwater.

"Zel..." Zel looked at looked up at Lina as she said his name. " promised..." She looked so sad. "I'll miss you Zel..."

"But Lina I'm right here, it's okay now. Every thing...." Zel stopped when he realized she wasn't listening. "Why isn't she responding?" He asked Mr. Philips.

"Zelgadiss, you are still dead to her she can no longer see nor hear you." Mr. Philips replied.

"...Rest in peace Zel." Lina finished. And sank to the ground crying, clutching cape and sword close to her.

"Lina I'm right here! Stop crying!" Zel knelt down next to her, then looked up at Mr. Philips. "I think it's time now." But Mr. Philips wasn't listing; he was looking at the bon fire. Zel looked at it too. His eyes got wide and his mouth dropped. "Oh - NO!!!" He cried as his body burned to ashes.

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