Part 1

The rain came down heavy during this battle. Lina Inverse stood right across from her target, Zelgadis Greywords was to her left if she needed backup. The enemy's hand came up, both first and second fingers together the rest were down. Lina heard a startled cry cut short come from Zelgadis. When Lina looked he was gone!

"No!" Lina cried, eyes wide open, horrified.

"Now Lina Inverse it's your turn."Said the light bass voice.

"Whaa..." was all Lina had time to get out of her mouth before she was engulfed in bright blue light.

Lina woke in the heat of the sun and a light wind blowing sand into her mouth and eyes. Sitting up on her knees, rubbing her eyes and coughing she wondered where she was.

Lina frowned, "Transport spell." She said softly to her self. Lina stood up and walked along for quite some time before she came to a long black strip that seemed to be going on forever, it had yellow and white markings on it.

"Wonder what this is" She said to her self walking onto it. It was hard. "This is weird." Walking a few more steps she heard a sudden noise. It was a faint roaring sound coming closer and closer to her. Lina was frozen to her spot as a large dark shape rapidly approached her.

"What the ...!"Anne cried. She slammed on the breaks and screeched to a stop. The girl standing in front of the truck quickly went back to the side of the road. Anne got out of the truck and walked the front of the automobile.

"And just what do you think you were doing?! You know you could've been killed or very badly hurt?!" She yelled. This girl is crazy. And why is she dressed so funny? The girl wore a Pink jumper type suit, a black cape, with shoulder plates that had jewels in them, brown shin high boots, and a black head/sweat band across her head. Her fiery red hair was down and she had big ruby-red eyes.

Lina just stared at the girl. what is she talking about? She thought to her self. The girl looked straight back at her waiting for an answer. She sure is dressed funny.

The hysterical girl wore jean overalls with a green shirt underneath and brown sandals, her reddish-brown hair was up in a pony tail with little pieces of hair framing her face. Her emerald green eyes held anger and fright as they stared at Lina.

"Well?" The girl asked.

Then a second girl got out and came up behind the first one and smacked her on the back of the head. "Anne! Don't scare the girl, look at her , she just had the fright of her life and you just making it worse!!" She yelled. This one was dressed in a pair of jean shorts with a light red shirt on and she also wore brown sandals. Her long brown hair was done up in a french braid.

"Mana, she practically jumped in front of my truck!"

"Truck? What is a truck?" Lina inquired.

Anne stared at Lina "You're kidding right?"

After at least ten minutes of talking and coaxing Anne and Mana finally got Lina to come with them to Los Angeles, California. If they agreed to help her find Zelgadis.

Zelgadis felt something cool and wet touch his fore head. He quickly opened his eyes to find him self in a room with a bed, night stand, dresser, closet, mirror, and something hanging on the wall, also there was a chair by the bed that a young teenage girl sat in with a wet cloth and a bowl of water right next to her.

Zel sat up with a start. "Where am I?" He asked.

"Well it's good to see you up and well. Your welcome for my help. And as for where you are, you are in a beach house in Los Angeles, California." Was his answer.

"Where's Los...."

"Los Angeles?"


"You mean you don't know?!" She exclaimed. Zel looked at her, she had on jean shorts, a light blue shot sleeved shirt and white socks. Her dark hair was pulled back in a head band. "Poor guy, you must have hit your head harder then I thought."

"What world is this?" He asked.

The girl gave him a very confused look. "Why Earth of course." She replied.

"Oh no! I have got to find Lina!" Zel whispered to himself.

"You kept mentioning her while you were unconscious. You said something like 'Help me find a cure Lina, please.' But if you ask me I don't see why you need a cure."

Zelgadis' face went white My face His hands flew up to it but.... He didn't feel anything. He looked at his hands then quickly turned to face the nearby mirror his lips parted into a smile as he whispered to himself "I'm cured!"

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