Part 2

"That was a great meal." Lina said as she walked towards the truck.

"Yea," Anne said. Then turning to Mana said in a lower tone. "Have you ever seen someone eat that much and manage to keep a nice figure like that?"

Mana shook her head. "And I thought you ate a lot."

"Very funny. You know we might want to call Tia and tell her where we are and what time she needs to expect us. And you need to get some rest if you are going to take over driving in a couple of hours." Anne said. Then raising her voice to Lina. "Hey Lina you get to sit shotgun, Mana needs the back seat so she can get some rest."

"If only we would have brought my truck..."

"Oh puh-lese Mana your truck is just like mine but red, and it's a stick shift." Anne said.

"So. And if you don't mind, the color is a dark crimson red. Not just red." And at that she turned around, opened the door of the quad cab, got in and shut the door.

"Well let's be on our way." Anne said, gesturing for Lina to get in.

"Well this is our last stop for the night. Better get out and stretch. Mana, do...Mana? MANA!!"

"Wouldyoulikethenegativeswiththat?" Mana said as she sat up real fast. Anne regarded her friend with a weird look. "I said, do you want to call Tia or do you want me to?"

"Uh..." Mana said rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Oh I'll go I need to wake up any ways." She said getting out and walking to the pay phones.

"I'd out and walk around for awhile. We aren't stopping till morning." Anne said turning to look at Lina.

"All right. Be back soon." Lina said and then got out.

Anne got out of the truck and went over to the vending machines, pulling out some money she slipped the coins into the slot.

"What are you doing?" Lina asked, she had followed Anne, cause she did not know what a rest stop was.

"I'm getting a soda so I can stay awake." Anne said as she punched a button. Lina's eyes went wide as she heard a thunking noise and a can dropped into a pocket. Anne smiled at her amazement, as she bent over to take the can.

"Would you like something?" Anne asked

"Uh, what could I have?"

"Well since we had that big dinner maybe we should get something light." Anne suggested.

"All right then I'll get...That." Lina said pointing to a candy bar.


Back at the truck, Mana made her report. "Tia said thanks for the warning and she'll see us then."

"Fine, now lets be on our way." Anne said getting into the back seat.

"Here we are!" Mana called out from the front seat as Anne pulled into the driveway.

"It's beautiful." Lina said as she looked at the beach house.

"All right. Tia said we are to go in get settel our stuff down and meet her at the beach around one-thirty. She wants us to meet this guy she met yesterday morning." Mana said opening the door.

"Okay... A guy she met but, is she not still going out with what's his name... Luke?" Anne asked.

"Sure she is, and no she's not cheating on him Anne." Mana said when she saw her friend about to say somthing. "Now let's get out. Tia said the key would be under the kitty dish."Mana got out and went to get her stuff out of the back.

"Well c'mon Lina, let's go." Annne said following Mana.

"Hey Anne, will you get the door please? My hands are full and my bags are slipping."

"That's what you get for packing so much junk and trying to take it in all at the same time."Anne said walking up the walkway to get the key and open the door. "Hussil up there Lina." Lina grabbed her two bags and hurried up to the door.

"You are to stay in the guest room." Mana said leafing the way down the long hallway.

"But then where are you guys going to stay?" Lina asked

"Don't worry me and Anne have been here so many times that we have our own rooms." Mana then closed her door and left Lina to stand in front of a half closed door.

"Well go on in Lina.We need to get ready, hurry up" Anne said while she passed her and went into the room at the end of the hallway.

Lina went into the room. It had a bed, night stand,somthing on the wall, It kinda looks like a map to me. Zel where are you?, dresser, amd a closet. Lina shook her head andstarted to get ready for the beach.

"Let's get going Lina!" Came Mana's voice.

"Coming!" Lina called back. Lina was waliking passed the closset wehn something shiny cought her eye.

"What the..."Lina walked alittle closer, now she could see a wheat (tan, off white, bage, take your pick-_-') colored clothing. Could that possibly be...

"Lina. Let's go!!" Mana said grabbing her wrist and all but dragging her out of the room.

Could that have possibly ben Zel's?

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