Chapter 1: Usual Day at BK

"NONONONONO!!" shouted a frustrated Lina. "Gourry!! How many times do I have to tell you that the food is all mine!! You ain't getting any!"


Zelgadiss, Xelloss, Sylphiel, Amelia, Valgaav, and Filia stood there with a huge sweat drop.

"Well we should all expect this when we are at Burger King. Those two always fighting for food is a daily routine," said Xelloss shrugging.

"Yep," said Zel looking at Lina intently.

Xelloss raised an eyebrow. "Ne...looks like Zellie-boy got some hidden feelings?"

Zel blushed and turned to Xelloss giving him a dirty look. "Shut up will ya! I'd rather like her than staring at your ugly face!"

"Ne Zel-kun I'm hurt!" Xelloss mocked.

"Damare..." was Zel's reply.

Xelloss pouted. "You're no fun! Filia is more fun!" With that he left to go bug Filia. A few minutes later we heard shouts of "Namagomi!" and "Itai!".

30 minutes later Lina and Gourry were done with the foods.

"Ahhh..." Lina patted her stomach. "That sure filled me up!"

"Yeah...BK is the best!" Gourry agreed.

"So you guys all gonna go to the prom?" Lina asked eagerly.

Everyone nodded but Zelgadiss.

"AND WHY AREN'T YOU GOING??" Lina asked Zel in a dangerous voice.

"I don't want to," Zel said.


"No I don't Lina."

Lina pouted her famous childish pouting look, one that Zel could never resist.

"Come on Zel...Onegai??" Lina begged.

Zel winced. That look of hers always gets me. "Alright! Alright! Happy now?"

Lina cheered and started a Mexican hat dance. "Hurray! Zel's going to prom!"

"Lina, Filia and Sylphiel, lets go get some magazines and lets go to the mall to look for prom dresses and other stuff!" Amelia cried enthusiastically.

Val and Xelloss. "The prom is a month and a half way! Why not just wait a few more weeks!" Val cried.

Filia loomed up. "What's wrong with planning ahead!" After saying that she put her hands around her mace. "Got a problem with that bro? Namagomi?"

Everyone sweat dropped. "Ok, ok sis! Go shopping all you want with the gals!" Val said backing away.

"Yes, yes. We do not want to interfere with you and your shopppings!" said Xelloss quickly. " would be fun seeing you and the rest of the girls half naked through the dressing room."

Everyone backed away from a fuming Filia.

Xelloss sweat dropped again. "Then again, maybe not!"

"Hey you guys! Don't forget! My house Saturday!" Lina reminded her friends.

"Yeah you were supposed to show us something right?" Sylphiel said.

"What is it now? Another treasure you stole from a museum?" Xelloss asked.

Lina scowled. "I think not! I ain't that greedy!"

"Could've fooled me," Xelloss smirked.

Zel just rolled his eyes toward the surroundings.

"Well I gotta go do some stuff! Ja ne!" Lina waved and left BK.

Zel again stared at the slim form leaving BK intently.

"NAMAGOMI!!!!!!!!" and the similar scene minus Lina all started again.

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