Chapter 2: The Extraordinary Necklace Lina's house...

"You guys all came!" Lina cried.

"Where's Luna?" asked Sylphiel.

Lina turned pale. "Nee-chan...she left!! She went to hang out with her friends somewhere! I'm glad she did also!"

"So what was it you wanted to show us Lina?" Amelia asked with curiosity.

"Hang on...lemme go to my room and get the thing I need." With that Lina went upstairs to her room.

Amelia, Gourry, Sylphiel, Filia and Valgaav went to the kitchen. While Zel and Xelloss stayed in the living room.

Zel took a seat on the couch and sighed. He reached into his pocket and took out an item that he only acquired three weeks ago. It was a silver ring with a ruby in the middle. Also an engraving was on the back of the ring. However the engraving wasn't in English. It was in a foreign language. He took it out and started examining it again. Something about the ring got Zelgadiss to think, for Rezo, his grandfather, usually don't just come to him and give him a ring.

"Ne Zel-kun, what have you got there? I never knew you were the jewelry type," mocked Xelloss, as he was leaning over to get a closer look.

"Fruitcake, shut up."

"Ne Zel-kun what is that?"

"It's a ring. What you thought it was something else?"

"Yeah. I thought it was some new kind of condoms," said Xelloss calmly with a straight face.

Zel blushed deep crimson and gave Xelloss a dirty look. "Oh go to hell you sadistic bastard!"

"Ne Zel, I thought that was really a condom. Thought you were finally gonna hit on Lina." Xelloss said this very seriously.

Zel blushed more and was getting peeved. "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT LINA!"

Lina at that moment decided to come down the stairs and heard Zel shout out the last statement.

"Ok I detect someone talking about me?" Lina turned to look at Xelloss.

Xelloss sweat dropped. "What'd I do?"

The rest of the gangs came in from the kitchen.

"What's going on?" asked a confuse Gourry.

"Nothing," Zel grumbled.

"Spit it out you two. I know a secret that is being hidden from me!" Lina said indignantly.

"It's nothing!" Zel snapped.

Ok...what the fuck is his problem. Lina just shrugged and took something out of her pocket.

"Well anyways you guys! Ain't this a cool looking necklace?"

In Lina's hand, she was holding a silver necklace, with a sapphire gem in the middle. The pendant was diamond-shaped with the edges sticking out like some fire was around it.

"Wow Lina. It's pretty." Sylphiel said quietly.

" that all you wanted to show us?" asked Valgaav in a bored voice.

Lina scowled at Valgaav. "Don't make me come after you with my baseball bat!"

Val backed away with his hands in front of him. "Ok, ok. Sorry."

"Lina when did you get this?" asked Filia.

"Three weeks ago."

"How come you didn't show it to us before?" asked Amelia.

"Because I was trying to decode this engraving on the back of the pendant. I finally gave up and decided to ask you guys to help me."

Zel perked up at the engraving part.

"Can I see?" Zel asked quickly.

"Sure..." Lina said startled by his sudden question. She handed it to him.

Zel took out his ring and looked at the back of the necklace and the ring. The engraving weren't the same, but the letter patterns were very similar.

"What the hell?" Zel muttered to himself.

"What's wrong Zelgadiss?" asked Lina.

Zel turned to Xelloss. "Alright Fruitcake, we know that you are the trickster around here. What are you trying to pull now?"

Xelloss looked mildly hurt. "Moi?" He pointed to himself. "I never saw those things in my whole life. I'm so shocked that you would accuse someone like me!" He said the last sentence very dramatically.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

Lina turned to Zel. "When did you get this?"

"...Three weeks ago," Zel muttered.

Everyone turn to look at her and Zel.

"Xelloss are you sure this isn't one of your prank?" asked an exasperated Filia.

"Filia-chan! Why accuse me?" Xelloss pretended to pout and got serious again. "Seriously. I didn't do anything about those."

Lina turned to look at Zel, however instead she saw a look of shocked coming to his face.

"Zel?" Lina started to ask, but then followed his gaze. "Shit...what is happening to the jewelries?"

Everyone looked at it. The two jewelries were suddenly glowing brightly. It then rose out of Zel's hand and kinda crash into each other causing a vortex to open. It was soon dragging them in. The next thing all of them saw were Darkness...

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