Chapter 3: Where the Heck Are We???


navy = flashback

A little girl and a little boy were playing together in a grassy field. The girl was about 2 and the boy was about 3. Both were very cheerful and were running around the field playing some form of tag. In the background we see several people, however they are blurry so it's hard to tell who they are. However they all had grim looks on their faces.

"Lina...Oi Lina!! Wake up!!" shouted a voice.

Lina squirmed. "Dad...15 more minutes..." she mumbled sleepily.

"Nani?" Lina realized then that it wasn't her Dad. In fact it was the voice that belonged to a bewildered Xelloss.

Lina suddenly got up and was sitting on the ground. She rubbed her eyes and look around. "Gomen Xel, I thought I was at home."

Xelloss was about to say something but Filia interrupted.

"Hahahaha! Xelloss you should be insulted, for she thought you were waaay older than the age you are now! You damn deserved it!"

"Filia-chan!" whined Xelloss, "That's not fair!"

She snorted. "Life's not fair buddy!"

Lina and everyone else rolled their eyes at the familiar argument.

Lina looked around the surrounding they were in. Where the fuck are we? This sure doesn't look like home...this looks more like Yellowstone National Park rather than home. Also what the hell was that flashback? Who are those people?

"Where are we?" asked Filia.

"Dunno," said Zel. He was holding the jewelries in his hands. He turned to Lina and handed her necklace back to her. "Here. This is yours after all."

"Arigato." Lina accepted the necklace and put it around her neck.

Xelloss meanwhile was walking around the area. After a few minutes of scouting around he came back to the group.

"I see a path. Let's follow it!" said Xelloss cheerfully.

"What if it leads to something bad?" asked Amelia tearfully.

"What could be there? Maybe couple bears, and other wild animals, but nothing to dangerous." Xelloss said.

"Yeah. He's probably right. Come on don't be a scaredy cat!" Lina said. She started walking ahead.

"Me?? Scared?? I don't think so!" With that Filia followed Lina, with Xelloss tagging behind.

Gourry and Sylphiel just shrugged. They were next. Amelia and Valgaav came too. Only Zel was still there looking around. I got a very bad feeling about this... With that he followed his friends.

"So Lina...what happened with the jewelries?" asked Sylphiel.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?"

"Hey you guys, move it! Action now, questions later!" said Xelloss.

Zel sighed. What had happened?

The entire gang walked in silence for the next hour. Occasional disagreement would rise up between Filia and Xelloss, while Lina would be hitting Gourry for being dumb. Zel just sighed. The rest of the gangs just had the occasional sweat drops.

All of the sudden they heard something rustle in the bush.

"Halt! Who goes there?" asked Zelgadiss like one of those corny guards.

"Ne Zel, you sounded like those guards at Buckingham Palace," Lina commented.

Zel blushed. "Shut up!" Zel faced the bushes as well as everyone else.

A boy came out, dressed ragged clothes. He had dark brown hair with bright blue eyes. He looked at them intently while the gang looked at him back.

He spoke, "Who are you all?" He said this politely, with an English accent.

"Sore wa Himitsu Desu!" ...guess who said that people.

Everyone but the guy and Xelloss fell over.

The guy just gave them a weird look and looked confuse. "Excuse me, are you from around here?"

"Ano...where are we?" asked Valgaav.

"You are near Zefillia."

Everyone stared. "Are we on Earth?" Amelia asked timidly.

"Earth? You mean that blue planet that we can see in the sky at night?"

Everyone just looked at each other. "Planet? Are we on another planet??" Lina demanded.

"Well you are standing on the planet of Chasonio..." the guy trailed off.

This time the gang looked confuse. "Chasonio?" Zel muttered. "Never heard of it."

"By they way who are you?" Lina asked.

"Oh me? My name is Tobias. And who might you people be?"

A round of introduction went through and they explained what happened.

Tobias perked up when they said that they were from Earth. "Oh really? Earth..."

"Yeah...yo Tobias. How about taking us to a place to eat. I'm hungry," Lina suggested.

"Me too," everyone else agreed.

Tobias looked up. "Well then! Come along to Zefillia! You are welcomed to my home! And while we are there, maybe we could go see the King and Queen there to see if they know anything about it." Tobias looked the ring on Zel's finger and the necklace on Lina.

"Ok! FOOD!"

They all continued their journey to Zefillia which was a day journey~

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