Chapter 4: Campout in Chasonio


navy = flashback

"Water! I need water!" panted Lina.

"I'm sorry. A stream should be coming up soon. We can camp over there for the night," said Tobias.

"So Tobias. What can you tell us more about Chasonio?" asked Xelloss with his arms around Filia to annoy her.

"Xelloss..." Filia said dangerously. Also red in face.

"I take it you two are lovers?" Tobias asked innocently.

Filia loomed up in front of him. "Lo-Lo-LOVERS???!!!" she sputtered. "Me and that Namagomi?? I don't think so!"

Tobias sweat dropped. "I'm sorry."

Filia stomped ahead of the group mumbling stuff about Xelloss and stuff.

"So as you were saying? You wanted to know more about Chasonio?" Tobias said after a few minutes of silence.

Everyone nodded. Zel meanwhile was staring into space.

"Mama...papa..." said a little toddler in a baby voice.

A man picked him up and showed him the area around him. "This is your land..."

"Oi Zel? Zel? Daijoubu?" asked Lina.

Zel shooked his head. "Huh?" He looked around and saw the gang looking at him with concerned.

"Sorry. Just phased out for a min." What the fuck was that?

"As I was saying...Chasonio is a very small planet. It's hidden from earth by magic. Everyone on this planet knows how to use some forms and levels of magic. But the higher social class you are in, the better magic and the more variety you know."

"Tobias, what social class you in?" asked Amelia.

"Oh me? I'm just a lowly peasant." He gave them a faint smile. "But I know enough to survive out in the forests and all."

"I see. Can you tell us the history of your planet?" asked Sylphiel politely.

"Chasonio reached its peace 15 years ago. Zelas, who's the most powerful sorceress in the world wanted to take over the planet. But for some reasons she disappeared one day saying that the obstacles are out of her reach now and that she will wait for them to come back." Tobias explained.

"Huh? What obstacles? Shouldn't she be happy that they are gone for those obstacles wouldn't be in her ways?" asked Gourry.

"Till this day, no one knows what these obstacles might be."

"Interesting. So does anyone one where she is right now?" asked Zel.

"No one knows that either. But who knows. She may reappear again one day deciding to conquer this planet again."

"You guys got a weird planet...magic? Kinda hard to imagine." Lina commented.

Tobias just shrugged. Soon they came upon a stream. It was crystal clear. The gangs haven't seen clean water in their whole life. After a few minutes of the staring they all bent over to get generous amount of water.

"Ah!!! Never tasted water that good and is it me that the cleaner the water it is, the more yummier they are?" Lina commented still getting gulps of it.

"I agree with you. Good water." Valgaav got up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hands.

"Shall we get settled?" asked Xelloss.

After about 30 minutes of getting this and getting that, the whole gang plus Tobias was all ready to relax. They even had a fire going thanks to Tobias and his magic. By then it would have been around 10 o' clock on Earth standard time.

"Wow...the earth is so pretty." Amelia had a faraway look in her face.

Everyone nodded. "It is pretty," Zel agreed. But not as pretty as someone near me. Zel looked toward Lina's direction.

"Hey who's up to some Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?" asked Val with a little evil grin on his face.

"Me!" everyone shouted. Amelia explained the game to Tobias.

" you guys mind if I go first?" asked Valgaav with a hopeful look on his face.


"Ok. Oi Xel!" Val nodded toward him. "Dare or Double Dare?"

"Double Dare."

Val grinned at him silly. "Ok...I double dare you to kiss my wonderful sister on the lips!!"


"Ne sis...are you running away from it? I thought you had more guts than that."

"OOOOOOH! You sure know how to get me!" Filia growled.

"Of course! Xelloss you better do it!" Valgaav said happily.

Xelloss looked contented about it. He leaned over and gently kiss Filia on the lips.

"There, there." Val patted his sister on the back. "That wasn't bad now was it?"

Filia was fuming and unfortunately Val was sent flying up into the night sky and we all could hear a "Itai!!!!!" soaring through, what was a calm night.

Xelloss rubbed his hands together. "My turn!" He looked at Lina and Zel. "Zelly-kun. Dare or Double Dare?"

Zel so did not like that look in the namagomi's eyes. "...Double Dare..." he said hestitantly.

"Ok! I double dare you to kiss Lina fully on the lips with some tongues in it!"

The whole gang blushed bright red, while Lina was busy stuffing her feet into his face.


"Ne Lina-chan! That hurt! Fine no tongues! Satisfied? Just kiss her on the lips!" Xelloss whimpered.

Zel was not happy. Never trust him again! Zel walked over to Lina. He gently cupped her face with his hands and leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Lina was shocked. Ohmigod! He's actually doing it! He...he...He's a nice kisser!

They parted very soon and turned around and gave Xelloss a dirty look.

"Now now! Don't get mad! I know you guys enjoyed that! Don't deny it!"

"Shut the fuck up Xelloss!" Both Lina and Zel shouted.

"Man man! People are touchy tonight!"

"Hey guys. Lets hit the sacks tonight. Sylphiel is zonked out." Gourry suggested.

"I'm up for some shut eyes too." Val stood up and stretched his sore body.

Everyone got to their spot and got comfortable.

"Good night everyone!" shouted a cheerful Xelloss.

8 people threw their shoes at Xelloss and all was quiet again.

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