Chapter 1: Boredom is Hell!

Nineteen years old, Zelgadiss stared at the blank walls of his massive-sized private chamber. He was bored out of his mind. It had only been two weeks since he became king. His father Rezo, had passed away recently and Zel took his place. Now that he had new responsibilities, he hated it. One of his new tasks was for him to get another wife. His previous two wives died of natural causes. He married his first wife, at the age of 9. After 5 years of being together, she died. He quickly remarried, and that wife died just a week ago. None of them had given him an heir to the throne, and that was another one of his task.

Xelloss the Dae Gam, was driving him crazy about it. Apparently he was trying to get his daughter Amelia to be the new queen. Unfortunately for Xelloss, he wasn't having much luck, for Zelgadiss wasn't as dense as the previous kings were. Zelgadiss was actually smarter and sharper than his previous ancestors. His ancestors just mainly cared about getting riches and sex. It wasn't until when Rezo came along and that's when the empire started to get off its lazy ass and became a true empire. And luckily Zelgadiss was the perfect heir to take his place to continue what Rezo had left off. Even though Zelgadiss was smart, he was still human. With all the human characteristics, it still made him think about women and sex.

Zel sighed. The women here are so shallow. They want me for money, just to be queen, and for other selfish reasons. They don't want to be my wife for love! Where am I going to find a kindred spirit?

"Is anyone out there?" Zel called for one of his servants.

"Yes?" A tall, strong built servant came rushing into the king's chamber, bowing. "What do you need Sang Gam Mama?"

The young king looked up and groaned inwardly. Not Gourry again! This man's an extremely hard worker, but totally dense! "I want to go out for some fresh air. Could you get the carrier ready?"

Gourry nodded enthusiastically. "Yes mama." He bowed before leaving the room.

Well I'm not getting anywhere near here, so might as well just go out. This is a good excuse to the escape those crazy conferences.

He waited patiently till Gourry came back to tell the king that everything was ready. He nimbly got up and went outside. He stared at his large number servants that were holding up his carrier. He put on his shoes and stepped on Gourry's bent back, so he could get on the carrier. When he sat down comfortably, his many servants lifted the carrier.

"To the courtyard," Zel commanded. The servants started their walk to the courtyard, carrying the heavy carrier above them. Soon they've reached the king's destination.

Zel stepped down and breathed in the sweet smelling fragrance of But Ggoch. He loved their gentle beauty. This happened to be his and Rezo's favorite flower. Rezo had gotten the But Ggoch trees from the south when he first became king himself. His wife, who was Zel's mother, had come from the south, so she influenced Rezo into the blossoms. He personally had them shipped up here, so his wife could enjoy them. When his wife died, Rezo was devastated. However these flower trees were like a memento of his wife, so he soon got out of his gloomy state. Whenever Rezo was upset, he'd always come to the courtyard to relax. The presence of these trees always put him at ease. Now Zel was going to take his father's place to love and care for these nature's beauty.

Now that I am here, maybe it will help me think well. Zel walked around the courtyard slowly, and the servants followed few feet behind. He reached up and gently touched the petals with his fingertips. So glad, father bought them to Hanyang...

Zelgadiss sighed. I could stay here all day and never move from this place. He took a deep breath and was about to leave with content, when someone came.

"Ah...Mama. I see you're doing your daily walks eh? How is it may I ask?" Xelloss smiled his trademark smiled. He always made sure, that he annoyed the King at least five times a day. Fortunately it worked well.

Zelgadiss turned around and forced a smile. "Hello Xelloss. I assume you are very well?"

"Oh thank you for asking Mama. I am quite well. So is my daughter Amelia. If you ever have the time, it would be wonderful if you could get an audience with her." Xelloss rubbed his chin and looked at him intently.

Zelgadiss gritted his teeth in frustration. Won't he ever quit? I've seen his daughter from distance, and she looks quite immature for my standards. "When I feel like it, and when I got the time, you will be the first to know Dae Gam."

Xelloss smiled. However it wasn't a genuine one at all. Zel noticed it too, but didn't say anything. I'll get him to marry my daughter soon. I will accomplish it!

Xelloss walked away and Zelgadiss sighed with relief as soon as he was out of his sight. That man...I know he's evil, but I have nothing to prove it. Why didn't Valgaav become the Dae Gam? He's a gov't official too, but he's still lowly compare to Xelloss. Xelloss is the boss under me and I don't like it.

Zelgadiss scowled at that trees, and kept on scowling till Valgaav showed up. "Mama!" Valgaav rushed to him. Both were really close. They considered each other brothers. Rezo rescued Val from getting killed many years before at an invasion from nearby barbarians. Since then, Rezo raised him as if he were his own son. However since Val wasn't related to Rezo by blood, he was considered as a distant cousin. Or in Zel's case, best friend. Since Val was smart and all, he became a gov't official, however it's not going to be a long time till he gets promoted to a Dae Gam. With Xelloss as the head Dae Gam, it'll be a cold day in July before Val becomes one.

Zel's scowled turned to a smile. "Val!"

"What happened? Did Xelloss showed up again?" Val dusted his outfit and bowed to him.

"Yeah. Still trying to get me to marry his daughter."

Val laughed out loud and rubbed the back of his head. "He never gives up does he? And here I thought you were the most pigheaded person I've ever met."

Zel cracked up, eyes sparkling. "Look who's talking!"

"Nah you're more stubborn then me." Val smirked and dragged him away from his servants. He leaned over and whispered, "Want to come with me to Gi Seng Jib?"

"Why so you can get the ladies?" Zel teased.

"Yeah. Also who knows? There might be a perfect woman for you over there." Val walked up next to him and looked at him knowingly.

"Uh-huh. The chance of that happening is most unlikely."

"Just sneak over there with me. It's no fun if my best friend isn't next to me telling me to sober down you know."

Zel had to laugh again. "Fine, fine. We'll sneak over there tonight, but don't think I'm going to participate in anything!"

"Deal. I'll come by your chamber later."

"Yeah. It'd be easy to sneak out since Gourry is the servant that guard my door." Zel chuckled.

"Yeah. See you later!" Val bowed before walking off.

Zel chuckled to himself again. That Val is impossible. But without him, my life would be a BIG bore...

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