I suggest before reading the Fanfic, you should read this section. The fanfic is going to be using the ideas of Chosun Dynasty. There are going to be a lot of unfamiliar terms, so read it to get a better knowledge~

Chosun Dynasty started around the late 1300's and ended in the early 1900's when the Japanese started their crazy colonizing acts. The fanfic is going to take place around the 1700's. For those of you that know the Korean history, ignore some inaccuracy. I needed those for the fanfic idea~ Well here are the list of terms:

~Hanyang -- Seoul. That's what the Koreans called it back in Chosun Dynasty

~But Ggoch -- Sakura or Cherry Blossoms

~Sang Gam, Jun Hwa, Sang Gam Mama, Wang, Mama -- All means King or Your Majesty

~Sang Gam Mama Nab Si O -- Said by the servants, before coming to a new area...mainly alerting villagers that he's coming.

~Gi Seng Jib -- Place where men come to get drunk and well you get the idea...

~Gi Seng Um Ma -- Head of the Gi Seng Jib.

~Wang Bi, Joong Jung, Joong Jung Mama -- Queen, Your majesty.

~Dae Gam -- Highest gov't official

~Sin Ah -- What Dae Game call servants

~Dae Sin -- What king/queen call servants

~Pae Bi -- A banished queen

Those are the terms you need to be familiar with for this fanfic. I am not sure if they are 100 percent accurate. If they are wrong, please tell me! ^^

Also another thing. Don't get freaked out by some of the facts in the fic. Like the fact young princes get married at the age of 9? Ignore it. That was the rule and tradition back then~

On a side note, Sakura or cherry blossoms are originally from Korea. Apparently the Japanese took them long time ago and claim them as their own. ><;; Well just to let the fact show. ^^

So ready to go on to the actual fic now? Good. ^^

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